Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Pigtails and Platforms: Celebrating "Baby One More Time's" Sweet 16 with its Memorable Fashion

"Baby One More Time" has turned 16! Do you feel that too..shivers of feeling old suddenly passing through your body? Well, don't worry we are all on the same page with this one. I was six years-old when this famous music video appeared on television. I couldn't look away and it was mostly because of how cool I thought that new girl looked with her pigtails and school uniform. I wanted to dance in the middle of a school hall like nobody was watching while simultaneously pulling off furry pom poms in my hair. Whatevs, it was the late 90s and at the time this was as daring as it got in the pop world. Maybe in another 16 years we can talk about Miley's fascination with a wrecking ball and finally feel like it wasn't a big deal, but a revolutionary moment in pop history. Actually, scratch that. I don't think that video will ever not be shocking. Yes I used a double negative. 

To celebrate "Baby's..." sweet sixteen here are some GIFs capturing the video's epic costumes that will forever rule adult Halloween parties, men's fantasies in the bedroom, and well our hearts in general. Whether you admit it or not, this song put Britney on the map and made her the pop princess she is to this day. Sure she has had her ups and downs, but at the end of the day, I still love that teenage girl who danced into my television screen sixteen years ago, held a snake like a boss while performing, and made a comeback after a few years of craziness like it was her job. 

Fun Facts About "Baby One More Time"
1. That iconic schoolgirl ensemble was actually from KMart and Britney's idea.
2. No item of clothing seen in the video cost more than $17. 
3. Does the school look familiar? That's because it is Venice Highs School where Grease was    filmed! 
4. How about those backflips? She was an accomplished gymnast by the age of 9. 
5. Her love interest in the music video was actually played by her cousin while the teacher was    portrayed by a close childhood friend. 
6. It makes sense Britney has scenes in a gym with a basketball, since she played the sport in high   school. 

Gif and Photo Credit: Google Images
"Facts" Credit: PopSugar 

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