Bloggers Benefit

Hey there lovely! If you are stopping by on this page you are either perusing my site or just curious as to what Bloggers Benefit is. Well, let me tell you. About a year ago I decided I wanted to use my influence as an online writer to spread awareness and kindness. These days, there is too much negativity featured online, especially on social media platforms. Therefore, why not fight that unnecessary evil with some good. Bloggers Benefit is an initiative I began so that bloggers of all tricks of the trade can bring awareness to a charity they are passionate about supporting.

As contributors of the online universe, we have much influence on what people read daily. Some even base what they will cook or even wear after witnessing a post on a blog they read earlier that day. With that said, since our readers rely so much on our every word or photo, let's use it to also shine light on foundations and charity organizations that can use a little more coverage. 

What do you get? 
Aside from feeling awesome for helping out, you will receive an official and honorary Bloggers Benefit Ambassador badge to add to your site immediately after the article is published. Also, Lucy & Camilla will send you a special Thank You card and gift in the mail if you decide you would like to receive it. 

This is how the fabulous badge looks like so that you can be proud of your decision to join. 

How do we do this? There are two options for a Bloggers Benefit article when one participates. 

Option A: Interview About Bloggers Favorite Charity Organization
Here, I would send you several questions covering topics such as your career, blog, and even personal favorites. Then, the interview would get into a foundation you adore or support.  We would talk about that foundation for a while so that readers and loyal fans from my site and yours and even the fun random ones, can read about it and maybe start to support as well. This post will include photo's of yourself. 

Option B: Donation Outfit of the Day Post
With this option, you would dress in an outfit you plan to donate to local Good Will or Salvation Army. This post would include street style esc photo's of you wearing the outfit along with a quick Q&A about you and why donating clothes is very important. 

Are You Interested? Then, come and join! :)
If you want to partake in  Bloggers Benefit, simply email Lucy & Camilla at lucyandcamilla@yahoo.com or go to our "Contact" page and send me your interest there. I look forward to having you join this exciting and supportive initiative. xo

Check out our first Bloggers Benefit post, featuring Angela Lanter of Hello Gorgeous, as she speaks about Alzheimer's Disease.