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Bloggers Benefit: Fashion Blogger Simone Danielle on Spreading Breast Cancer Awareness

Beauty is her passion, style is her talent, and blogging is her professional habit. Yes, these are all things you could say about beauty and style blogger of Fashion Runs the World, Simone Danielle, but there is more to this stiletto clad maven than meet the eye. Her real love is put into trying to spread awareness for breast cancer. With a personal connection to the cause, Danielle spends time not only posting about make-up tips or what trends are currently making history, but supporting breast cancer awareness though foundations such as Susan G. Komen and movements like The Making Strides Walk

Danielle is the second Ambassador for Bloggers Benefit and one to be certainly proud of, due to her inspiring work ethic and strength against the overwhelming power of cancer on today's society. I met her a year ago when I hosted a fashion week lunch and to this day she has become a close blogging acquaintance as well as good friend. Between our conversations about running on no sleep at fashion week, to the politics of style as sex, Danielle and I always know how to have a fun time no matter what the environment. Because, like Danielle's natural knack for beauty and style, her loyalty and caring persona shine bright like the earrings camping out on her ears. It's no surprise that one day her contributions to the world not only fashion wise, but breast cancer awareness wise, will run the world. (pun totally intended) 

We have known each other for quite sometime now and I'd like to think we are blogging buddies. (laughs) Having you participate in Bloggers Benefit is special because you and I have watched each other's sites grow and and become better over time. Am I being sentimental here or do you feel the same? (laughs) 

I do feel the same way! You were one of the first people I actually met through blogging and I'm happy we did because we are good friends. I wish we would see each other more often. But yes our sites have grown since we met each other and it's only going to get better.

Last time I saw you was during September's New York fashion week and we were parting ways on Columbus Circle. Aside from attending a baby shower that day, what else has been going on with you and your fashion based world?

I've been working as well and looking into to getting my Masters degree in Marketing or Communications. I've been thinking about continuing my education for awhile and I can use either of these degrees in the fashion industry, so I'm excited. Plus I've been working on my site and looking for work within the fashion industry. I'm also going to the gym to lose some weight but I looovvveee food so much! It's been a bit of a struggle, but I do want to eat healthier.

On your blog you feature everything from make-up to street style. What about it is your favorite? 

I just love sharing two things that I'm passionate about with my readers. I like staying on top of trends, seeing what's new in fashion and I like those aspects and interoperate that in my outfits. With makeup, it's just so much fun. I wasn't always into it but watching YouTube changed that for me. I enjoy putting on makeup and sharing some of the tips I've learned or the newest lipstick I bought with my readers. It's fun. And my favorite part about it is that it is all subjective. What I like or think is trendy maybe different to the next person.

What made you fall for fashion and beauty?

I've always been into fashion since I was little. I would watch all the red carpet shows before the Oscars, Grammys, etc. to see what everyone is wearing, including the reporter. While I was watching it, I would critique each look especially the ones that were not good. Also, I watched America's Next Top Model a lot and thinking how I wanted to be apart of that world. For makeup I got into it when I was working at a CVS Pharmacy when I was 16. I was into little things like eyeshadow, but I really got into it when I was 23 and starting watching YouTube. I like that makeup enhances a person's beauty and it's fun to create different looks.

Right now, you only write for your blog. Would you ever consider starting a vlog or is being on a video a terrifying feat for you? 

I do want to start a YouTube channel. I am looking into purchasing a new camera that is good for taking video. I don't think I would do makeup tutorials but my channel would be about style, fashion and beauty. I won't lie starting a YT channel is a bit daunting for me because it's over saturated. Everybody is a fashion blogger or a YT vlogger so its hard to stand out amongst the crowd, but I'm willing to take on that challenge.  

Are the goals you had then for your site the same as they are today or have they changed over time?

They are the still the same for the most part. I decided to write my blog as a way to break into the fashion industry. That is the main goal for my blog, but over time I realized that I can make money from it so I'm looking into that. Because of my blog I am able to attend NYFW, but I want to see if I can go to London and Paris fashion week as well. That's my next plan. We should plan something. 

Speaking of goals, I started Bloggers Benefit to spread awareness for charities and campaigns through the influence of bloggers. Why did you decide to be apart of this movement?

I think this is a really good movement and it helps people become aware of the different organizations that are out there. Plus, as bloggers we get to share a piece of our personal life with our readers, which is a great thing as well because we could be helping someone who could be affected by any one of these diseases.

There is an endless amount of charity organizations out there, but you chose to represent The Susan G Komen association for breast cancer awareness. Was there a personal reason behind your decision? 

Yes there was. I lost my mother to Breast Cancer in 2010 and my grandmother (my mom's mother) to the disease as well when I was about eleven or twelve years old. When I lost my mom, however, it changed my whole life.

Along with the Susan G. Komen association, what do you do on your personal time to help with the cause? 

I'm going to be honest, I'm not as involved as I should be which is something I am working on. I want to participate in the walks and raise money for the cause not just during the month of October.

Has there ever been a point where you felt like you truly made a positive difference with it? Your Ah-Ha moment as Oprah would say.

No not really. But by sharing my story with my friends and telling them what I've learned through my loss; I think it has made them see certain things differently.

In the past couple of years the Susan G Komen charity has come under fire because it was discovered that the CEO, Nancy Brinker, was receiving a higher salary than the amount of donations used for actual research. How do you feel about this issue? Does it taint your belief in this particular company? How can you reassure others that the charity is still worth it?

This is the first time hearing of this and it's pretty messed up. However, I do believe in this company and think people should still donate to the cause. There are also other organizations that support Breast Cancer research such as Avon and Making Strides, where a person can donate to a team or to an individual person if they aren't comfortable with donating to Susan G. Komen.  This foundation still raises the most money for the cause though and I do hope that they do lower her salary and use the extra money to fund some more research.

What is your greatest advice for women to avoid getting breast cancer? 

Make sure to get a mammogram and look into seeing if the cancer runs in your family. If it does then its possible that you might get the cancer. Do your research. It is always better to catch the cancer early on than later so make sure to get your breasts check.

Is there a misconception about breast cancer? If so, why do think so many believe this? 

Well, I didn't know that there are different types of breast cancer. My mother had a form of breast cancer which is called Triple Negative. It is an aggressive form of breast cancer that is more likely to affect African American and Hispanic women. I didn't know that there was different forms of breast cancer. I just thought there was one type so I think that's a big misconception. Another misunderstanding is that it can be genetic. Before my mother passed away, she told me there is a test that I can take to see if I have the gene for breast cancer. Since my grandmother and my mom had it, it's probable that I might have the gene as well. If I do have it then I have to start getting mammograms early and take preventative steps to make sure that I can beat it. Also, most people think men can't get breast cancer but they definitely can. It's not just an issue that only women face. Men can get breast cancer too. You don't see a lot of men get the disease. Therefore, it's easy to not think they do, but with research you find these things out. 

If one cannot afford to donate financially, what are other ways to get involved and make a difference? 

You can volunteer during the walks or other events they have. Don't forget that sharing what you know about the disease to other people can help too!

What's the most inspiring thing you have ever been told that you would like to share with those dealing with breast cancer?

This isn't something that I have been told, but it is something that I tell myself.  No matter what, always be strong. It's hard to be strong because you want to break down and cry and it's okay to do so, but after you got it out of your system, you have to continue to fight and be strong.

Ensemble Details
Top: H&M
Skirt: Asos
Shoes: Zara
Bag: Zara
Beanie: Brooklyn Industries
Accessories: Forever 21
Watch: Michael Kors
Jacket: Forever 21

Get Involved with Breast Cancer Awareness by participating or donating to these two organizations! 

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