Lucy & Camilla is a blog created by mu-ah, Katie Cruz. I am an aspiring fashion journalist and college student who has been blogging since 2011. For the past two years, I have gone from creating a little Facebook page to then publishing one on Blogger. Eventually, I published a website to link all of the pages together. Before I knew it, I was overcome with way too many pages and WAY too many different names. A few months ago, I asked myself "why the heck do I have everything so complicated? I want a style blog and by gosh I am going to make one"...literally one. Many sleepless nights filled with marathons of How I Met Your Mother and an endless amount of 3 am pancakes later, Lucy & Camilla was born. Named after both of my grandmothers, Lucy & Camilla is a style blog about everything fashion. Instead of just focusing on street style like many other amazing blogs out there, I wanted to create a page that not only showed that aspect, but involved interviews with people in the industry, events attended, and just random awesomeness that goes on in my life. I am trying to become a fashion journalist after all. That means you can always count on me to write article structured posts along with all the pretty photos that people love.

I have loved fashion since I was a little girl, skimming through issues of Teen Vogue in the supermarket, while waiting on long line. My dream of a career in the fashion industry changed over the years like the colors of trees in the Fall. One moment, I wanted to design clothing and the next, working as a fashion buyer was my ultimate goal. Then, when high school came along, while some discovered themselves spiritually and physically, I learned what I was truly meant to do with my life, besides saving Orangutans one day of course. Seriously they are adorable! Back to the point, I would become a fashion journalist. I always enjoyed writing, and let's face it, Lois Lane from Superman is like the best role model for any little girl obsessed with stilettos. I may not fall for a sexy alien from another planet anytime soon, but I would like to become the Lois Lane of the fashion world. With that dream in hand, along with a statement clutch, I made it my up most priority to become a successful writer for a fashion magazine.  Today, I am still on my way up the never ending ladder towards success and although there have been downs, there have also been many ups along the way. Point is, I absolutely adore style and with that plethora of admiration, I created this blog, to share my love and knowledge for fashion.


If you are thinking of skimming through my resume for possible job or internship offers then please don't look. JUST KIDDING! If you want to take a look for either of those reasons please go through it as much as you want. In fact, stare at it. That would be PHENOMENAL!

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I have my resume and cover letter on Internships.com. If you would like a PDF version instead, just email me through the Contact page with your request and I will be more than happy to send you a copy.

However, if you do have an "Employers Account" for Internships.com, you can simply look me up on their website by using my name, Katie Cruz.

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