Monday, October 6, 2014

Game Day Gal: What to Wear for a Game this NFL Season

Do you hear that? The beers are being cracked open, chips are flying, and cheers are taking over the ears of everyone within a ten mile radius because that's how loud and involved the audience is. This must mean only one thing and no it is not that Game of Thrones is on. It's football season and the aura of sportsmanship, tailgating, and pulling one's hair out when your favorite wide receiver misses a brilliant pass, has officially kicked off. I swear there is no pun intended there. Okay, maybe there is.

On game day, supporting your beloved team in the right attire is as important as the food you eat while witnessing those possible historical sport-themed moments. I'm thinking fried chicken, burgers, and hot wings, yes lots and lots of hot wings. Sorry, this should be about what you are wearing. I just got carried away with the thought of food...and those hot wings. (Closes eyes, breathes in, and shakes head) Okay, I'm back.

What could you wear? Well, the possibilities are endless. My personal take though is that you can't go wrong with a pair of folded jeans, Keds, and the jersey for the player you like most. However, you could also sport some black leggings, a team jersey or hoodie, and some nice fall boots. It really depends on your comfort level, how warm you need to be (i.e will you be tailgating/attending the game or watching from an inside location), and what your personal style, in general, is. If you're the type to go topless and paint yourself instead, go for it!

To help out with the actual team merchandise for your ensemble, a great place to check out would be Fanatics. They are the online leading retailer specializing in sports apparel for almost any of your favorite teams, from various sports. I mention them because I have been thoroughly impressed with the amount of merchandise they have. Prices vary and at times Jerseys can be a bit expensive (when are they not), but the people I worked with, from their company, have been beyond nice and helpful. I also like the fact that they have so much variety in what they sell.

Therefore, in collaboration with Fanatics and their official NFL attire, I have chosen to make a couple of outfit ideas picking their Julian Edelman jersey, wide receiver for the Patriots, to add to the final look of each. Sure, I know what you must be wondering. Why didn't she chose a Tom Brady jersey?  Well, contrary to popular belief, as much as we Patriot fans love our Brady, we do admire and "know" of other players as well. With that said, I like Edelman and love the Patriots so picking his jersey was as easy as staring into his dreamy eyes. Don't worry I watch for more than his eyes. They are just a delightful addition to the game whenever you get a quick glance of them. Seriously though, get to your t.v. screen when they do a close-up of him next time. You can thank me later.

Sweater: Collective Habit, Football Necklace: Overstock, Scarf:Bellenew, Jeans:Uniqlo, Jersey:Fanatics, Keds:Infinity Shoes

Jacket: ABADAY, Leggings: Mango, Bracelet: Bloomingdales, Jersey: Fanatics, Boots: Necessary Clothing, Boot Socks: L.L.Bean, Head Band: Loris Shoes

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