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Bloggers Benefit: Gorgeous Girl and Blogger Angela Lanter Spreads the Word on Alzheimer's Disease

She's sweet, she's driven, and don't forget gorgeous! Blogger/Vlogger, Angela Lanter, is taking the internet universe by storm with her adorably informative blog, Hello Gorgeous. It is there, that she features videos, street-style photos, and written posts to give helpful fashion and beauty tips to her readers or as she likes to call them, "Gorgeous Girls," while also making it an online environment where even the most insecure can find their true inner and outer beauty.

Lanter is the first to join Bloggers Benefit, founded here at Lucy & Camilla, where bloggers of all topics and trades get to use their powerful online influence to spread the word on charities close to their hearts. I had started following her blog several months ago and fell head-over-heels for her quirky an endearing personality and fabulous fashion sense. Put it this way, I was hooked. Once I had decided to start building Bloggers Benefit, I immediately contacted Lanter to feature her as its first Ambassador.

Aside from her natural talent for beauty and style tips, Lanter is an extensive supporter of fighting Alzheimer's Disease. Along with her husband, Lanter uses their personal connection with the disease to inspire and motivate them to help out those dealing with it. She has proven that even the busiest of people can make a difference with some love and a lot of strive. Oh, and don't forget a great pair of heels!

First off, let me just say your blog is adorable. I really enjoy watching your videos and reading your posts because you have such a splendid personality. Did you ever expect that your decision to start a blog and share a part of yourself with the web world would ever become a hit? 

Not really... I was SO uncomfortable at first in front of the camera. As you can tell in my earlier videos. My husband, however, really worked with me and encouraged me and now I'm much more comfortable.  I just want to be truly myself so that my viewers/readers can get to know who I really am.  You can't establish that relationship through photo blog posts only, so video posts have really helped me start to create that bond with my followers.

You call your readers "gorgeous" and even named your blog Hello Gorgeous. Was this a special way for you to spread positive self assurance to others and make everyone who reads your website feel like their best selves? 

Yes!  My reason for launching Hello Gorgeous was to help each and every one of my readers to look and feel their most beautiful. Let's be real, every single female on this planet is gorgeous in her own unique way, so I want to help each one who stumbles across my blog to really feel that way about themselves.  Whether that means makeup application, beauty treatments, learning new fashion trends or what will look best on their body type, the list goes on and on. I just want Hello Gorgeous to be a comfortable and safe place for every girl to come to (no matter where they are from or what they look like) and learn or see something new that they can use and appreciate.

Speaking of confidence, you attend red carpet events and have a pretty full social life. Do you ever have moments then or even while making videos or photos for your blogging where you are feeling insecure while the cameras are flashing? 

Oh my gosh, 100%!  There are times I see photos of myself and watch back my videos and absolutely cringe, but that's who I am. Plus, I want my readers to see all of my personality, not just my very best at every single moment.

What made you fall in love with beauty and fashion? 

I can remember playing with my mom and aunt's makeup at a super young age. I've ALWAYS been drawn to beauty, hair, makeup... everything really. My first job at 15 was working as a makeup artist for Glamour Shots and my 5th or 6th grade party was a Glamour Shots themed birthday.  I just love makeup!  It's so fun to play and experiment and have the opportunity to subtly change the way you look.  I've always loved fashion too.  I remember, as a little girl, I had this one pink belt I just loved. It matched my pink cowboy boots. (Laughs) I'm guessing I was about 4 years old.  So my love for fashion started very young as well.

With Hello Gorgeous you write as well as make videos. Which do you enjoy doing more and lets you have the most creative freedom?  

I enjoy both for different reasons.  If I had to chose though, I'd say videos because I'm able to connect better with my Gorgeous Girls, and they are able to see my personality much more through videos than just writing.

Blogging, especially professionally, is no  walk in the park. I know  trust me! (Laughs) From my experience, I have to do a million jobs all at once from PR work to writing, editing, photography, etc. Do you multitask like a crazed octopus as well or do you have a few of Santa's helpers assisting you along way? 

I'm totally on my own when it comes to blogging.  My husband is a total rock-star though and he takes all of my photos and edits them for me.  He also films a lot of my videos and edits them when he has time. However, I have learned to film myself and edit videos from him along the way.

Aside from wonderful adventures as a homemaker and blogger, you and your husband both devote some time to charities, one of them being for Alzheimer's disease. Out of all the foundations you could have chosen for Bloggers Benefit, why did you decide to bring awareness to this one? Do either of you have a special connection to it? 

Yes!  My husband has been involved with the Alzheimer's Association for at least 5 years now.  He initially got involved because his grandmother was suffering from Alzheimer's, and we unfortunately lost her to the terrible disease this past October.  My own grandmother is now suffering from Dementia and I also have several other family members that we've either lost or are currently suffering from Alzheimer's.  This association is very close to our hearts.

Is there a particular Alzheimer's awareness campaign that you work with? 

We've taken part in the Walk to End Alzheimer's for several years now.  In fact, the weekend we were back home in Ohio for my husband's grandmother's funeral, the local chapter happened to be hosting they End Alzheimer's Walk the next day, so we rallied our friends and families and walked in her memory.  I'm guessing our personal group was somewhere around 50 people.  It was a great way to honor her.

What is one thing you have noticed that people tend to misconstrue about Alzheimer's and what would you like to teach others about it?  

That it's only and old person's disease...  It's starting to show up in younger and younger people, sometime's in their mid 30's.  We need the general public to be aware of the signs of Alzheimer's.

How do you feel when you help a cause for a disease that sadly has no present day cure and tends to worsen over time? Does it ever seem to be like a constant uphill battle or are there moments that make it totally worth helping for? 

The biggest positive is being able to feel like you're making a difference by raising awareness as well as funds to help support the research for a cure.  When you attend an event, like the Walk to End Alz, or one of the benefits, you see that this disease does not discriminate.  It affects so many people, not just those with Alzheimer's, but their families and caretakers as well.  The support that is offered through this association is remarkable, and seeing how much they've accomplished makes you proud to be a part of such an amazing organization.

Ensemble Details
Tank Top- Brandy Melville
Sunglasses- Free People
Bandage Skirt- AMI Clubwear
Heels- Charlotte Russe
Handbag- Rebecca Minkoff
Watch- Michael Kors
Chain Bracelet- Forever 21

Get Involved with Walk to End Alzheimer's by volunteering or donating today! 

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