Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Italian Job: How Reviewing VienneMilano Made Me Fall in Love with Stockings All Over Again

It seems these days that women using pantyhose isn't exactly as popular as the self-proclaimed "selfie" or annoyingly addictive hashtags. However, like a really delicious egg roll, stockings do pop up once in an while and when they finally make an appearance, they tend to be as awesome as you would have hoped for. This was the case with VienneMilano's line of women's hosiery.

When I received my pair of VienneMilano thigh-highs in the mail, the first thing I fell head-over-heels for was their packaging. I mean come on now, it was purple with a pretty cut-out heart and adorable notes. Still as impressed as I was that it came in a gorgeous box and dare I say... they are made in Italy, I needed to try these pantyhose for myself to see if they were worth the price they are charging and worth the time of me conducting this review.

Although I was given my pair for free in return for an honest opinion of their brand, the prices of their stockings do vary and my pair, retail wise, costs $45. Sure, I know what you are thinking. That's a lot for somethings that tends to rip quite easily, but from what I noticed while wearing them, is that they are worth it. Yes, I do believe the prices should be more affordable, but they are in fact durable and extremely well made. Usually stockings tend to slip and these don't. They each lye comfortably and firmly on your legs like a pair of well fitted gloves. At the top, they feature a non-slip grip so that wrinkling or falling are practically impossible. I felt pretty confident while wearing them and never worried that they may come running down to my ankles. Not to mention, they give off a little bit of a flirty mysterious vibe to your entire look.

The only downfall I have with their product is they come up my leg a tad way too high. I know that they pride themselves on this little fact, but I'm an average size woman and these came all the way up my thigh making me feel as though they created them for a tall model's legs and not someone with an average height. None the less, this was the only negative comment I have about them. Other than that, if you are looking for long lasting, excellently made, comfortable, and non-slip stockings, VienneMilano is the way to go!

With that said, I don't have to prove to you how fantastic this company and their products is because the creator herself,Vienne Cheung, shows you just that on her own. After years of traveling, she worked through many obstacles and decided to persevere and bring Italian-made women's hosiery to the United States. Leaving her corporate job to work full-time on her vision of making a wide variety of luxury stockings available to clients, within a year VienneMilano was set to go. Proof that like Cheung, a pair of thigh-highs can change a woman's life and with VienneMilano this is practically expected.

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  1. wow! this is an amazing write up. thank you!
    can you tell me what size you tried out? perhaps the reason why the thigh highs kept going and going and going on your legs may be because you tried on a size large? however, i am curious to know b/c i want to give this brand of thigh highs a try. thank you!