Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fantasy Land: How Wearing a Dress by eShakti is Like Living in a Fairy-Tale

Once upon a time, there was a fashion blogger who was asked to write a review of an online fashion brand called eShakti. She was fabulous and anything she wore would look great on her. Therefore, this review would go easily. Yeah, just kidding. I wouldn't say I'm fabulous, unless I'm dancing the sprinkler in the middle of a dance floor, and not everything I wear or attempt to always comes out perfect. Which, by the way, I'm fine with because I dress for myself. However, my collaboration with eShakti did go extremely well. 

eShakti, is a website, in which you can order really well-made clothes that are guaranteed to fit women of all shapes an sizes. Basically, they tailor the pieces you order. So instead of having to go to a personal seamstress or tailor and pay extra there, they do it for you without all the fuss. Which is quite brilliant. 

When I had to order my item to review, I chose their orange horse-shoe print dress. I was a bit curious about whether or not it would be a tad sheer. Lately, almost all dresses sold online or in-stores seem to be sheer. It's like brands have forgotten what lining is or how to use it. Thankfully, this was not the case for their product. It had a thick lining of fabric underneath the actual print one which made the dress heavier and more expensive looking. Granted, this dress is retailed for more than a hundred dollars, but if you need a dress that will be tailored to fit and will last many years for various occasions, than the investment is worth it...and that's coming from a girl who buys expensive frocks on clearance for like twenty bucks. I must say though, I did receive this piece for free in return for an honest opinion of their brand. So instead of getting paid, I got a dress. Not too shabby right? 

With that said, if I would have hated it, I would definitely say something. Thing is, I exceedingly adore this dress. It's vintage aesthetic, bright hue, and excellent stitching, make it well-worth the buy. The only minor detail I wasn't too fond of was the fact that in the mid-section, the fabric kept folding instead of laying smoothly against my body. This lead me to constantly having to readjust myself, which if you are out, may become frustrating. Aside from this, I was quite impressed with what I got and it made me feel like a princess. I know that sounds like a cliche, but I can twirl in it like it is my job and that is awesome. Plus, we took the photos for this post in a private garden/park  which reminded me of Sleeping Beauty and wallah my inner Disney princess shined bright and not just because it was a cloudy day, so I was the only bright thing around. 

It is also important to mention that it was about 40 degrees and windy that day, which meant it was freezing. So much so, that a week later I got bronchitis from this photo-shoot. That wasn't exactly fairy-tale like, but sacrifices are sometimes made for a great dress, and eShakti has just exactly that and more. 

Lesson here, just wear a sweater during the Wizard of Oz-like gusts of wind. 

Photo's taken by Melanie Amorim.
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