Thursday, September 25, 2014

Style and the City: Recap of New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015

I slipped and managed to do a 150 degree split in the middle of an Italian restaurant on the upper-west side. Yes, like in true Katie style, I must somehow embarrass myself at least once a day. Thankfully I caught myself on the booth nearby and no one, not even Diane, whom I was dining with, noticed my almost crash to the floor. Of course, with my uncontrollable laughter I attracted a group of looks seconds later, one particularly coming from the waitress who then noticed what had happened. She of course asked if I was okay. I simply told her I was totally fine, but my confidence not so much...actually screw it I was truly fantastic. It would take much more than a little slip to make me feel utter shame. As I carefully took myself back to the table, Diane looked at me confused as to what had just occurred. She had the same confused look I had when I first saw Vanilla Sky or Inception. Once I explained she began to giggle. [Quick Note: I still don't know what the fudge Vanilla Sky was about!]

It was night and after a long day of fashion week commitments, both of us decided style would take a break for a few hours so we could finally eat. Neither of us had ever dined there before, but in the middle of 9th ave we found a chic paradise filled with all the solace and delight of true Italian cuisine with a modern flare. Slip? What Slip? Feet sores...nope don't feel any throbbing pain. All moments that made this fashion week tiring as well as enthralling were put on the back burner for a while, because for a couple of hours, it wasn't about the fashion, but rather about friendship, relationships, and one life-changing key lime pie.

As the night came to an end, I decided, after flagging down a taxi for Diane and her boyfriend, that I wanted to continue the adventure before I had to return back to college the next day. I whipped out my phone and messaged Amy Poehler. Didn't you know we were close friends? I roll with the big timers. Nah, just kidding, I contacted Katie, the other half of Katie Squared. Now, if you read the other parts to my fashion week coverage, then you would know she is the Sottish doll that I take over the world with once in a while. Being that we see each other as Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, it seemed fitting that our next trip would happen in the same place that brought those to fabulous women together...Rockefeller Plaza.

During her visit to New York,  Katie wanted to go to Top of The Rock, in which you take an elevator that seems like you are being ascended into heaven to the top of the Comcast Building. Except you don't get greeted by God when you get to the top. Instead, you are welcomed by lines, lines, and wait for it...lines! Don't worry cause once you are done you get to go to the top , but oh wait there is line to that elevator too. Seriously though, there may be many of them, but they aren't that long. The waiting time was pretty minimal. It all became worth it because once we go to the top, spectacular, is an understatement of how stunning it all truly was. As many times as I've gone to New York I have never done many touristy things and so this was my first time to witness this as well.

We both struggled trying to take "Instagram worthy" photos by wrapping our arms around the glass and risking our phone's lives. Then, when I looked up I noticed something that we both should have fifteen minutes prior. There is a second balcony above without glass, perfect for photos. Yup, we stood there looked up, turned to each other, and began to laugh because it was at that moment we noticed that although were on top we could still hit rock bottom from up there from how oblivious we were in that very moment. Quickly, we scrammed up the stairs and found a prime photo location. As we waiting for are all the couples to finish their canoodling snaps, us two single gals came in and used the Empire State building in the background as our date in the photo for the night. After all, New York is the love of both of our lives so why not. Plus, a few days there and Katie was ready to marry it and go on a temporary break from Scotland.

Thirty pictures, random bump-in's, and taking the wrong elevator later, Katie and I picked up our photo that the building had taken of us (Scroll Below), said goodbye to Rockefeller Center and as we walked to her subway entrance we met a guy who helped Katie with directions, but also got into a conservation about his experience in martial arts. Katie handled the odd conversation like all great Katie's do, with sarcasm. Then once he left into his subway stop, in the middle of Times Square it was time to say goodbye to her as well. For the next day she would leave to go back home to Scotland. It's okay though, because we both decided that I would visit one day and when I do I will with my face painted blue and scream "Freedom!" in the middle of the airport. Or maybe I shouldn't...might be too soon for that joke. Well, we have to reunite anyways to host the Golden Globes.

Too late to go home, my other friend staying in New York at the time, was awesome and super sweet enough to let me crash in her hotel room for the night. When I arrived, my blisters on the my feet were bloody, I was exhausted, and I had just had a major epiphany somewhere between Times Square and Park Avenue. Although, because of my class schedule, I wouldn't be able to attend all the shows for the week like I had hoped, this fashion week was the best one I have had so far. Was the fashion gorgeous and made by visionaries? Yes. However, this time it was people that made my trip all the more special and memory filled.  When I think of it, that's what fashion week is truly about, people. Sure there are clothes, but what is the clothing for? It is for people and what they will possibly wear in the future. What will they like? Who will wear it? Who can afford it?All these burning questions make up these stylishly themed months twice a year. Therefore, to know that I made my trip more about people and the enjoyment behind the garment then just the clothing wrapping the models, it made everything more real and less materialistic. Cause in a world filled with materialism, why not make it less about the objects and more about the people behind them? Only one of those survives trends and doesn't end up in a clearance bin.Your guess on which.

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