Thursday, September 18, 2014

Style and the City: Recap of New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015

My second day attending fashion week this September brought me a lot more fashion and a lot less humidity. Thank goodness because the previous day was bad...like Wicked Witch of the West melting bad. Except, I was wearing a pretty print dress and not all black and rather than turning into a puddle I was clever, well I'd like to think I was, and made my bathing suit into a top to absorb all my wonderful sweat. What? It worked and everyone thought I was wearing a pretty dress, when in reality it was a dress made into a skirt, my bathing suit, and a belt holding it all together. Take that Vogue!

That day I went to Cesar Galindo's show at the Hub in the Hudson Hotel. I'm not always fond of going to events at that venue because the temperature in that place is short of hellish. I'm pretty sure Satan  uses it as his home when visiting the city. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating, but in all honesty it is pretty bad. They have everyone crowded into the lobby waiting for about 30 minutes with a bug fan blowing. Yup, that fan does nothing, but I appreciate the attempt. Fortunately, all the shows I've seen there have all been worth the heat and long wait. Plus, I'm a pretty patient person who does not get phased easily so as uncomfortable as the warmth there is, I move along and pay attention to the fabulous showcases these hardworking people have put together. I feel worse for them. They're the ones who had to work there for several hours.

Czar by Cesar Galindo and his showcase

While at the Czar show, I bumped into another blogger buddy of mine, Simone of Fashion Runs the World. When we finished fawning over Galindo's stunning line, we walked towards Columbus Circle where we parted ways, she into the subway and I into the mall where I desperately looked for shoes to save my feet and food to devour. I had picked a lower heel that day so I wouldn't have to change shoes, but the sandal still ended up giving me blisters on the sides of my feet. Amazingly, out of that entire mall, I could not find shoes that were representative of the three C's...comforatble, chic, and cheap. Really...like really? Oh, well off the lunch I went. I ate at the Bouchon Bakery they had there and ordered myself a grease filled meal because although I am at NYFW, that does not mean I will resort to starving myself. I am good with my tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich thanks. Surprisingly, a lot of people eat well during fashion week so all those cliches that it's just a cube of cheese and a leaf of lettuce you can go away and find yourself a salad to be tossed in. When I sat down, I was at a table next to these two older gentlemen who I presume just came from the same show as me and were discussing some of the most  fascinating topics that I had heard all week. There were no sentences involving how much tule the dress had or if you captured the perfect picture for Instagram of the show, they were chatting about things like sex symbolism in fashion and what it all means or how creativity has changed in the industry. I did not mean to be nosy, but I was literally sitting right next to them so I could overhear everything they were discussing and it was riveting. Honestly, they should have their own show at a local theater. I hadn't heard that much intelligence in a fashion based conversation in a while. I mean it's not like these series on television offer much aside from insults about Red Carpet fashion. Saying someone looks like a mermaid prostitute in a gown is yes funny, but not real fashion logic, especially coming from those whose fashion sense is skeptical to begin with in the first place. Anyways, this conversation enthralled so much of my attention that I ended up flicking my soup filled spoon and splattering my hair and chest with tomato. The two of the men got up at that moment and left after complimenting my choice in food. At least they didn't see me wiping off the red hue from my hair five seconds earlier.

From the mall, I took a taxi to Chelsea Market and stopped by Glamour Magazine's pop-up shop event for street style. There, I met up with Diane again. It was quite a nice set-up with section's for hair, make-up, skin care, and much more. It was spacious and decorated as if you were out on a patio reminiscent of the cafe on the roof of the Met. However, my favorite part were the free copies of Glamour Magazine. IT'S A FREE MAGAZINE! DO YOU KNOW HOW EXPENSIVE THEY ARE NOWADAYS! Who needs fancy chocolates in a gift bag? Give me a magazine or a tub of Nutella and I will vote for you in whatever election you are running for anyday.

Diane Taha and I attending Glamour Magazine's Street Style Pop-Up Shop 

When we finished, we began our trek from Chelsea Market to the Carlton Hotel in midtown for the Fashion First Aid event. I must state at this point in the story that when we arrived, the hotel was like an episode out of Downton Abbey. That was until we needed to think of where to charge our phones. Darn technological reality! Kim, the brilliant mind behind Fashion First Aid, came downstairs and escorted us to her showcase. It included all the new and current items of the brand. For those who don't know Fashion First Aid...shame on you, but really though you need to check them out. They have every fashion solution you can think of from a portable mini sewing machine to "Subtle Butt," a gas neutralizer for your bum.  I'm not kidding that exists and you know you want one.  There, we were given some yummy champagne, chatted about the sores on our feet, and simply laughed over all the hilariously clever products she was presenting. I'm waiting for that bear for my boobs. Okay, that may sound weird, but you had to have been there!

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