Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Style and the City: Recap of New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015

My skirt flew up and and two paparazzi came by and snatched some photos. Yes darlings that's how my fashion week started this September. Five minutes in and I was already having a Marilyn Monroe moment. Of course, mine was more like Kristen Wiig than Monroe, being that I handled it with absolute hilarity and grace at same time. Luckily, for me New York and page six didn't get a look at any of my undergarments, but rather some epic and awkwardly hilarious facial expressions in true Katie style.

Skirts flying and the paps buzzing aside, this fashion week was especially important for me because the first night there, I got to share it with a close friend from the summer camp I worked at this past year. She's my Scottish lassie, facial expression partner, photo booth co-star, and possibly the perfect match as the Amy Poehler to my Tina Fey. It is true, we should be hired by Saturday Night Live, but that is a story for another time. Point is, when Katie (yes her name is Katie and we call ourselves Katie Squared cause we are dorks whatevs) and I are together, it doesn't matter if there is a torrential downpour of rain (that time walking to Walmart with your luggage Katie) or if Chris Pine were to come up to me and ask me out, she and I ignore whatever is going on and simply know how to have a good ole fashion time!Of course, we would probably share Chris since he has enough blue eyes to fill an ocean. Her Scottish humor mixed with my sarcasm and our perfectly timed jokes, I'm surprised Fashion Week came out unscathed. Then again, the week of style, selfies, and non-stop work can use some funniness once in awhile. I mean free drinks, parties, shows, and all the fashion are a good time and all, but let's change it up a  little and not make it seem like the only way to enjoy an event at fashion week is if your sipping a flute of champagne with a pinky up and a stick up your bum. 

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler posing with a fan. Ha Just kidding! It's only me, Katie, and my blogger love Diane.

Fashion is suppose to be this elaborate art that is beautiful and exciting and fashion week should convey that. Instead, this time, it was filled with people who don't even work for the industry walking around and acting like they own the place and quite frankly taking up space from those who actually need to cover the event. Okay okay I will stop and not rant on, but in all honesty what happened to when fashion was fun? Don't get me wrong I love fashion week and attending is an honor. To see the pieces designers have worked on so tediously is truly a gift.That's why I make my fashion weeks as enjoyable as possible. I meet up with people I have worked with before, old friends, network with new ones,host dinner dates at Bryant Park, and when I go to a show I sit, watch, relax, and truly breath-in everything the designer is offering. After all, it is like going to a museum. You walk around find a painting you really love, plant yourself in front of it and just stare trying to find every side of beauty that it represents. That's how I feel when I see a gown come down the runway that just changes my life and reminds me why I love this industry.  

Anyways, back to my adventure with Katie. We attended the Academy of Art show together and watching her thrill over being at Lincoln Center, I think, was the best part of the whole night.Once we got inside it was like the beginning of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when Willy Wonka first takes the kids into his factory. Her eyes grew and so did her smile and it was like the Grinch had stolen Christmas except she isn't green and creepy. Walking around and showing her everything from the empty E News set to taking what I call phenomenal photos at the Pandora Lounge photo booth, made it good time. Eventually, I bumped into my blogger bestie Diane Taha of Style Context who has been in ways my NYFW partner for three seasons now.  

Columbus Circle
After the show, I went with Katie to Starbucks and pulled a Superman and changed my outfit and shoes in the bathroom. My feet weren't exactly feeling those heels anymore. Seriously though, they had no feeling in them. Once having dropped of Katie at the subway to catch her ride back to her hostel, I walked my way towards down-town with the lights of Lincoln Center fading in the background. It was truly a beautiful night. Columbus Circle was stunning as always, jazz players were playing on the sidewalk, my skirt was finally flowing correctly, and oh wait is that a man seizing on the ground in front of Duane Reid? Oh and he is foaming at the mouth. Okay, yup that was happening. As a crowd built I went inside to alert the store and they all gave me blank looks and told me to tell there manager who told me to tell their adviser who told me to tell...you know what forget it. How about just coming outside and helping? Fortunately, we called an ambulance and they came within seconds to help the guy out. I wish I could tell you if the guy ended up okay, but alas when the ambulance came and they took over, the crowd dispersed and now his status is a mystery to me. 

Following the craziness that was that scene, I continued on my path, met up with my sister at a restaurant in Manhattan where she was dining with friends. I only stayed a few minutes being that if you stay in that place too long, even if you had just eaten a water buffalo or were a practicing vegetarian, you will somehow end up ordering highly expensive steak that is totally worth its price. 

Escaping the fumes of yumminess  my next stop was downtown to visit my other friend from camp who was also leaving Monday. The time I spent with her at her humble...extremely extravagant hotel like cheese Louis it was nice, was literally the most uneventful yet calming time of the day. All we did was watch Forrest Gump,  recite its lines while it was playing, and jump behind the bed when a huge strike of lightning struck down onto the east river. Yes it was like lightning seen in a movie. I'm pretty sure Michael Bay was directing it just so it would be bigger, louder, and somehow seem awesome to adolescent boys. Luckily, I did not have to pay $13.50 to see it. If only I could say the same for the third Transformers film. It was safe to say, it was an interesting night filled with an array of events.

Lounges inside Lincoln Center NYFW Tents

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