Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pink Shirts and Burn Books: The Power of Pink in Honor of Mean Girls Anniversary

Thanks to Karen Smith saying, "On Wednesdays we wear pink," ten years ago today, it is undoubtedly one of the most used quotes from Mean Girls. It has become apparent, especially now with social media, that this line will never die, but rather reign on in all its bright hued glory. For instance, people have hashtaged this one particular quote almost 74,000 times on Instagram alone. Yup, I guess it has just as much power over people as Regina and her plastic minions did on their high school.

While some may ponder as to why such a simple line could receive so much attention and nostalgia, I have come down to the conclusion that it has to do with more than just the way Amanda Seyfried utters it in perfect childhood excitement. It's about the color itself. Pink has been ingrained in most females since childhood to be the "girl" color, such as blue for boys. Sure, there are many who speak against this view. I don't mind it as long as you like the color. Heck, my favorite is green and my room is painted lavender, but I also like to sport a nice pink accessory or outfit on the occasion. It's a color that can be worn by almost anyone brave enough to don such a standout hue. That's why, although it has its haters, pink certainly can hold its own as a dominant color. After all, it is also the symbolic hue for Breast Cancer Awareness. 

In the film, they may dress in it on Wednesdays, but pink has been making a name for itself long before the hit comedy and still carries on screen today. Therefore, to continue this weeks party in honor of Mean Girls 10th anniversary, we use today (Wednesday), to look back at some of the most memorable pink ensembles to grace film. Proving that pink isn't just for plastics and specific days of the week, it's a color for strong, funny, and leading ladies too.

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