Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pink Shirts and Burn Books: 5 Best Foot Creams in Honor of Mean Girls

Day two of this week's anniversary celebration for Mean Girls focuses on something not so glamorous, but always needed---an excellent foot cream. Well, more like a zit eraser in Regina George's mind.

One of the many pranks that Cady, Janice, and Damien pulled on the Queen Bee herself, was switching products to trick Regina into using foot cream on her face. What was meant to make her smell like feet, ended up turning her into a peppermint paddy and her face seem even more delicious in Aaron Samuel's eyes and mouth of course. 

Although this little attempt did not make much sense and backfired on the scorned trio, it did give me an idea for a post. What about feet? Unfortunately, like armpits, feet have taken the back burner in our physical priorities. Sadly, they are seriously underestimated. I mean what do we really do for them besides an occasional pedi? We cover them in prisons a.k.a our shoes, drive with them, walk, run, and put them through other extraneous actions. So in honor of Janice's fake zit cream gift to Regina's face and our very under appreciated feet, here are five of my favorite creams to pamper your two best friends. No, not your boobs Karen!

Totalist 4 is my best kept secret when it comes to creams. I love this product so much that I apply it on my hands and feet every night before bed. When I wake up the next day both are as soft as that adorable dog from the Cottenelle commercials. It is made and shipped from Colombia so the labels are in Spanish and to buy it isn't very easy. It is rare, but online makes it possible. 

Eucerin was created over a hundred years ago and there is a reason it has lasted this long. This doctor recommended cream brand has a plethora of products to moisturize, heal, and beautify any extension of your body. For feet, their Intensive Repair is my favorite. Goodbye cracks and hello smoothness! 

I'm not usually one to worship Victoria Secret's creams and body mists like some do, but I will always boast about their Strawberries & Champagne scented body lotion. Of course, I am a little bias because the scent is based off of my most favorite party snack, a little champagne with strawberries---blame Pretty Woman. Not only does this cream smell yummy without being overpowering, its silky consistency goes on like butter. This is great to use on those summer days where you want to go out in strap heels or sandals.  

AHAVA mixes almond and avocado oils to basically guarantee hydration for your feet as well as restore your skin's minerals. Also, this cream gives your feet a fresh scent due to its tea tree-leaf oils. 

The final foot lotion on this list goes to Burt's Bees Coconut Foot Creme. With its 5 star rating and coconut oil infused goodness, this little tube goes a long way. Its 94% all natural approach with ingredients such as rosemary and peppermint, makes it the perfect gift for your overworked feet. Plus, maybe you can try it on your face and have your very own Aarron Samuels comment on it.  

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