Friday, February 14, 2014

NYFW Coverage: Pamella Roland Fall/Winter 2014

Loved it, loved it, loved it! Pamella Roland featured 47 looks for her NYFW Fall/Winter collection and each was a gift within itself. Oh, and did I mention I loved it? I cannot even begin to describe my admiration for this designer and her ability to create classy and stunning fabric based works of art. Don't believe me? Well, the minute I walked out of her show, I turned to my friend jaw dropped, speechless, and so thrilled to be apart of that experience that I asked her, "What did you think?" She goes onto say, "Probably my favorite!" I then turned my head once again, and like a crazy school girl in the 80s, at a Rick Steves' concert, I jumped and exclaimed "Me too!" 

While I watched each dress, coat, skirt, and blouse make its way down the runway, I was reminded why I love fashion and what attending NYFW really felt like, a glamorous dream filled with Chopard jewels, well executed music, and models in Manolos. For me, a runway show at fashion week should be all these things and more and Roland captured exactly that. With her line of many tweed, leather, and chiffon pieces, she brought sexy back in ways that not even Justin Timberlake could do. 

This all makes sense, being that the line was created to "exemplify" the energy of New York City, which by many, is seen as sensual, exciting, and breathtaking. The city life was implemented through the color palette of the collection with hues such as berry, navy, gunmetal, and pale gold. To add to the inspiration, Roland used textures from laminated window pane tweed to multi-dimensional beading to give it that extra Big Apple kick. 

In the end, as the lights followed the purple/black gown with cascading train, down the white paved road, and onto TJ Wilcox's sunset filled skyline, all I could think of was the song they had played earlier, "She's a lady." After all, with this collection any woman can be a lady in the best of ways. 

Favorite Thing: Cut It Out
A few of the dresses, like the wine crepe back satin gown with black fishnet sleeves and back, had a cut out or two designed into them. This added a little element of risque to the more elegant and safer design. 

Not Loving It: Are Those Toothpicks or Models?
I understand the fashionable thing has always been to use skinnier models in this industry, but seriously? Have we still not moved on from that ridiculous phase? The pieces were gorgeous and would look even more so on women with a few more pounds and actual curves. Not even the celebrities sitting front row are as skinny as these models and their the ones who may end up wearing the collection at Red Carpet functions. It actually gave me chills to look at some of their legs. I thought they would snap at any moment. Girls, you are beautiful, Stop starving yourselves and eat. Eat to your heart's content, like me at 4 am with a bag of bacon and a bowl of noodles. No shame! 

Photo Credit: mbfashionweek.com

Photo Credit: mbfashionweek.com

Photo Credit: mbfashionweek.com

Photo Credit: mbfashionweek.com

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