Friday, February 14, 2014

NYFW Coverage: Katya Leonovich Fall/Winter 2014

"Are there birds in here?" I looked up to the ceiling trying to spot the tropical forest that would envelop us at any moment. Turns out there were no birds or Tarzan like men making music out  of random objects. It was in fact just Michael Magnan brilliantly adding sound to Katya Leonovich's futuristic runway show.  

This wasn't particularly my favorite show for several reasons. Some pieces, for instance, looked more jungle, while others were straight-up astronaut chic. Therefore, unless she was going for the urban jungle meets space, this line was not cohesive. The only aspects that aligned everything were the metallic balance of color and bubble shaped skirts and dresses. 

Negatives aside, I did find this to be one of the more different collections. After seeing so many similar hemlines and silk or satin pieces throughout this past week, it was a nice change of pace from the painfully expected and overdone styles that make up fashion week. 

Favorite Thing: Aqua+V=Stunning Party Dress 
I cannot get enough of the Aqua metallic deep-v party dress. Effortlessly styled by Max H. Gross, the combination of the aqua color with the the three tier layering of fabric and puffed v-collar were a match made in heaven. Rock it at a wedding or just a night on the town with the gals. Either way, you are going to look like you raided Carrie Bradshaw's closet. I couldn't help but wonder, how is that not awesome?

Not Loving It: Please Stop the Music
As mentioned earlier, the music was well done and felt very real, like being stuck with Sandra in space during Gravity, while watching it in Imax real. Yup, that real.  Only thing, it was a tad annoying after a while. There is only so much repetitive bird and banging sounds I can take. It made the show lag a bit.

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Photo Credit: mbfashionweek.com

Photo Credit: mbfashionweek.com

Photo Credit: mbfashionweek.com

Photo Credit: mbfashionweek.com

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