Wednesday, February 12, 2014

NYFW Coverage: MESKITA Fall/Winter 2014

"I was afraid the girls would fall. (chuckles) That is my biggest fear." That may have been Brazilian designer, Alessandra Meskita's, worry on Sunday night, when she debuted her ready-to-wear collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, but fortunately this scary thought did not become a reality. Instead, her first time show at Mercedes Benz, was a complete an utter success. So much so, that by the end, she received a standing ovation, the first one I had witnessed this past week.

It is no shocker that Meskita received such praise. She was considered to be a pleasant surprise with her  minimalist take on Fall/Winter fashion. Drawing inspiration from the old Hollywood glamour of the 1950's, she designed a collection in honor of greats such as Sophia Lauren, Grace Kelly, and Elizabeth Taylor. All of whom, were known to wear waist hugging gowns and ensembles. She mentioned to me that she wanted to design pieces  that would "slim women in an easy and complimentary way," hence the many belts that accompanied her outfits on the runway. 

Aside from the 1950's, Meskita also incorporated the year of the horse into her line. The strength that the horse represents is shown in the collection by the sportswear elements that were added to the ensembles. The purpose of such a move was to show how women can bring sportswear into their everyday clothes, whether for daytime or night. 

Although some pieces used body conscious neoprene, not all of the items in this line are for the everyday woman's body. For instance, the leather corsets, or jumpsuits can be worn by only a handful of women that have a thinner waist, but not to worry. Some of the coats, chiffon pieces, and circle skirts will do just fine. 

Favorite Thing: High Pony-Tails
Fizzy hair, stringy hair, side swept hair, yup I have seen it all this week, but my favorite locks to walk the runway were from the MESKITA show. They were simple yet perfect to match the inspiration of the year of the horse. Plus, they took the attention off the model herself, and made the audience focus more on the clothes, which was brilliant. Well done Anthony Crosfield for your work as the lead stylist and to Marshall Lin on styling the hair as well for this presentation! Brava.

Not Loving It: Too Much Skin
This is a Fall/Winter line right? For clothing that will potentially be worn by people in cooler weather, there was a lot of skin being shown. If next year's weather is anything like this year's than we need to cover up more, not start dressing in preparation for pneumonia.  

Photo Album

Photo Credit: Dan & Corina Lecca

Photo Credit: Dan & Corina Lecca

Photo Credit: Dan & Corina Lecca

Photo Credit: Dan & Corina Lecca

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