Wednesday, February 12, 2014

NYFW Coverage: Academy of Art Runway Show

When one thinks fashion week, many connect the famous week-long event with even more famous names such as Oscar de la Renta, Zac Posen, or even DVF. However, fashion week does not only belong to the designers who "made it," but to the ones who are on the road to that same brightly spotlighted, model filled, and organza encompassed world. Therefore, to watch the future of fashion grace the runway, by the hands of a few current college students, can be quite the treat. This was the case for the Academy of Art Show. 

The show, which featured looks from various young designers, delivered everything from Willy Wonka inspired bright hues and cartoonish silhouettes, to modern prints, and over-sized coats. Out of all the collections, my favorite would have to be the the lavender line. Lavender hasn't been a color seen too often in recent times. People either pick light purple or more a long the lines of everyone's favorite talking dinosaur, Barney. This time though, lavender had its spotlight and it was breathtaking. With grayish undertones and silver embellishments, this line brought the entire show, or at least me, to an utterly impressed moment of bliss.

In its entirety, if I had to compare this show to their last one in September, which I also attended, I would have to say that last time they were just some nice students studying fashion, but this time they were potential epic designers in the making. That's why, for me, it is so important to appreciate the students that showcase their work during NYFW. These are the designers who will one day take over, while all the current ones are aging and hitting retirement. So watch out and never take for granted a college fashion student with a needle and thread. Amazing what a few classes and a cat-walk can do. 

Favorite Thing: Moral Support
When the designers made their way out onto the runway, many thought the show had ended, but it in fact was just beginning. One of the designer's mother's stood up, started yelling, and moving her hips like Shakira, in support of her child. Everyone, which is easily over two hundred people, immediately began to not only clap for the designers, but their families as well. This one mother brought laughter and smiles all around. Considered to be the best part of the line, it represented something deeper than seams and social media. She reminded everyone that through this week of image, materialism, and at times celebritism, there will always be family and that moment they see you accomplish your dreams. Plus, I won't lie. I cried a bit when this happened. 

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