Monday, February 10, 2014

NYFW Coverage: Charlotte Ronson Fall/Winter 2014

Forget the 80's! The 90's are back! Instead of parading on Kelly and Brenda's wardrobe for the series Beverly Hills 90210, they are instead strutting it on the runway these days, particularly Charlotte Ronson's. The English designer, showcased her 2014 Fall/Winter collection at the Hudson Hotel this weekend. Instead of doing a typical sit down runway show, she changed things up and featured all the models on the stage, posing as if in a portrait. Each one took their turn to walk the runway and give the audience a closer look into this velvet, sheer, and floral filled line.

With some music assembled by DJ Samantha Ronson, that made me feel as if I were in some little hipster bistro, accessories by Tuleste, and hair/makeup by Maybelline and Batiste, the show was a complete success, in my eyes. The line flowed well and had its signature pieces. What brought me back to the 90's was definitely the velvet and floral print influences. These two were constantly seen in 90's films and television shows. We all remember that floral baby doll dress or that velvet grunge look. Don't lie. You know you either owned one or rocked it. 

The designer also went against the whole "less is more" motto and chose to use silhouettes that would cover up full body or at least most. Sure it is a Fall and Winter line, but many designers feature pieces that reveal a lot more skin, even for colder weather.  Not Ronson, she led the designs with higher collars and longer length dresses and skirts. Even her sheer pieces covered up well, giving them a sultry yet elegant essence. 

Favorite Thing: Stripe Mesh Blue Dress 
If there was one design out of the collection that stood out, it would have to be Ronson's Stripe Blue Mesh Dress. The moment I made it through the crowd and next to the runway, my eyes immediately drifted to this one frock. Maybe it was the color or the the sheer paneling between each blue stripe, but it just popped for me in the most magical of ways. It's kind of like Chris Pine's eyes..just enough blue to fall into a dreamy state. 

Not Loving It: Socks and Heels 
Modern Vice supplied the models with lovely lace up heels, but they pretty much lost their spotlight due to being paired with lame black socks. This look chopped most of the model's legs, especially since, the length of most of the pieces had already covered them to begin with. I can understand doing it for cooler weather purposes, but that is what booties are for. 

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