Sunday, June 30, 2013

This Bites: How to Cover Up Mosquito Bumps and Avoid Scarring

If there is one part of summer that I can definitely live without, and I am sure you can as well, it would have to be the nuisance that is known as a mosquito. It's like they are mini vampires biting you  every chance they get. If they looked like the vamps from the Twilight films I would be fine with them circling me every five seconds, but until they are some how able to transform themselves into a Cullen looking species, I would rather they just back off. After all, it's not like there bites are fun and dandy to deal with later on.

Once mosquito's do there damage and leave you with a swelled up bump on every part of your body, and I mean everywhere because they are like ninjas when getting through your clothes, you are now left with an intense itch on every bump. This leads you to scratch those areas like a dog with flees. At first, it's not a big deal, but in reality your little bites have long term conditions, as well, if you don't approach them correctly. The sun in the summer is very intense, and when you are outside doing anything from tanning to just taking a walk in the park, your skin can easily scar. If scarring is a problem for you, then here are ways to avoid scarring because of mosquito bites and how to cover them up. 

Cover it Up
Like most things you hate about your skin, you  can always hide it. Of course, I do support every girl in flaunting her natural skin, flaws and all, because it is what makes you unique. If, on the other hand, a mosquito pricks your face or any other place on your body and you don't want to necessarily show it because you are going out, then just cover it up. During an online chat, hosted by Cosmopolitan UK and beauty blogger/vlogger of the Beatuy Crush, Sammi Maria, I asked her what to use to cover up scars due to mosquito bites. The beauty expert simply answered, "MAC Face and Body would work great!" So there you have it. I did some research and it turns out that this product is in fact "great!" Not only is it lightweight, but it has natural finish to it that will make you look like your not even wearing it to begin with. To top that off, one bottle takes care of not only your face, but your entire body, saving you money from having to buy a foundation for two separate things. Use a dab of this on any area touched by a mosquito and your skin will seem as though it never even landed on you.

Avoid Scratching Heavily
Sure the scratching eases you now, but it actually adds to your chances of your bites scarring. Yup, and it isn't pretty. The more you irritate that area, the more the skin can become sensitive, red, and even scraped open. If you have to scratch, do it softly, not like your going at it with a cactus! 

Use Ice to Cool it Down 
I love ice cubes! When it comes to mosquito bites replace your heavy and constant scratching with a cooler solution. Ice cubes are natural, cold, and can ease the itchy feeling building up from your bite. Just rub the cubes on the areas affected and you will feel temporary relief from your insanity. The best part is, now the bite won't be irritated and eventually become a scar. 

Wait Before Tanning 
I know I know...it's summer and to not tan now is like to not have Turkey on Thanksgiving, but waiting a day or two before you lay in the sun for hours is actually they best way to avoid getting any scars. The first couple of days of having a bite is usually when it is most red and more susceptible to make a permanent mark on your body.  Use those couple of days to stay in the air conditioning and watch reruns of shows you missed or go shopping at your favorite mall instead. 

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