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It's Not You...It's Me: How to Break Up With Your Closet

Similar to a relationship that has lost its simmer, the connection with our closet can be just as along the terms of "grew apart" as anything else. After a while, certain pieces that we once loved and couldn't  live without start to look more like the giveaway pile than an obsession. So what do we do when some of our clothes, accessories, or even shoes, reach their expiration date in our closet? Simple, we give it away!

The task of letting go of your former wardrobe and giving it away can be extremely easy, but like any break-up there are those moments of doubt on whether or not the right decision is being made. We begin to reminisce memories we shared with our items, making fun connections, such as going to prom in a special pair of pumps, or kissing a summer fling in a cute top that gave you total confidence, all of which makes you ask the question "Should I really let go of this just yet?" When I come across this (more times than none), I ask myself the five questions. These five questions are what help me decide on whether or not to donate or trash a piece that I am not quite positive on.

Photo Credit: Sex and the City  and  New Line Cinema

5 Questions

Is it in good condition?
This is a very important inquiry. In order to donate your items to Salvation Army, the pieces should at least be in good condition and not look like a truck ran over it. If that were the case, then just throw it out. This helps you decide on whether or not you trash it or give it away to a cause.

When was the last time I wore this?
A question that I ask myself all the time. We all have those articles of clothing that while perusing our closets one day, come across, and wonder how we ever forgot about it. Well guess what, we did! That is why, while I clean out my closet I ask this because sometimes the answer will shock me. If it has only been a few months, then no biggie, but when you are swimming in the territory of  a year or more, or even that you just forgot, then odds are you probably won't wear it again.

Do I have somewhere to wear it to?
If you decide that you are planning on keeping it, this question will help burst your unrealistic bubble if it should be. If you can't think of where or when you will don it again, then it's time to quote N'SYNC say "Bye Bye Bye".

Will I really wear it?
Aww that moment where you still decided to keep it, even though you can't think of a place or time to where it to, needs another reality check. Ask yourself truthfully this question without second guessing and see if your still on the side of never breaking up.

Can I pair it with anything? 
We ask ourselves this same thing when we are shopping. Before I buy a skirt for instance, I try to think of what is already in my closet, that I can possibly pair it up with. If I can think of at least two to three combinations, then it's a winner. If not, that pretty skirt is going back on the rack or in the moment of refreshing a wardrobe, thrown into the giveaway bag. Here you use the same concept.

These five questions are so simple yet brilliant when it comes to easing your crowed mind. Inside all of us, there is always a little bit of a hoarder, especially when it comes to saying goodbye to some of our most prized possessions. Leave it to the five to nip that in the butt!

When we break up with men, we plan it out before the actually deed, or at least we try to. Being organized is always awesome, but when you are throwing your entire closet practically on your bed or floor, try labeling and piling. I create two big bags. Trash bags will suffice because when donating, they accept them, and when trashing, well that is self explanatory. I then label one "Donate" and the other "Trash". This way I don't put the items in the wrong bags after making my decision. Also, try keeping the donation bag nice and tidy and don't just throw things in there. You have to remember that those pieces are going to people in need and they don't deserve to get wrinkly, torn, or dirty items.

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Make it Fun 
Yes, when saying sayonara to an unfortunate relationship, it's not exactly a walk in the park or breakfast at tiffanys per say, but never the less, you can still come out on top and feeling good about it. Kind of like those epic moments at the end of a romantic comedy where the lead girl breaks up with the side role jerk of a boyfriend and decides to go after the amazing and lead role, who had always been there for her, male, while the camera films her hailing a cab with some Sarah Bareilles music playing in the background. (Wow needed to catch a breath after that one) It's true though. Make saying goodbye to your clothes a fun event! Put on the music and even invite a few friends and share a few cocktails to pass the time. They can help you decide with a dash of fun gossip. This way letting go isn't so sad or boring after all.

Photo Credit: Sex and the City  and New Line Cinema

Photo's from cleaning out my own closet

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