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New York Fashion Week: A Stylish Dream

Photo Credit: Sarah Monaco 

When I was twelve years old I began to draw clothing designs. Did they look like they came from the pages of Oscar de la Renta's personal diary? Nope, but they were all mine and a complete outlet for me to express my secret love for lace and organza. Being that I have always been a creatively driven person, I thought that the interest in fashion would just be another love for the arts. Little did I know, it was much more than that.

After failing to work a sewing machine correctly (honestly it was not easy), I faced the fact that my future would not be in design. A couple of years after, while on line at a supermarket, I spotted the new issue of Vogue. On the front, a just starting out, Scarlett Johansson, showed off her curves in a green bustier. As, I crept closer on the line, the more excited I was to grab the issue that caught my attention only a few feet away. When I finally got in possession the magazine, I immediately opened it. Like the cover, the colors, layout, and graphics of the inside, were just as scintillating. That was the moment, in a grocery store buying pads, when I knew what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I wanted to be apart of  the creation process that is the making of a fashion magazine issue. Lesson learned: having your period doesn't just mean you can have kids in the future, but it may actually lead you to discovering your dreams. Who would have thunk it? 

Diane and I attending Academy of Art
Fashion Show
From that moment on, all I have ever wanted was to be a part of the fashion industry. As time passed, I noticed that I would accomplish that through writing and editing, going back to my creative roots. Following in the foot steps of ''The Girl in the Green Scarf " from Confessions of a Shopaholic ( I am her, minus the red hair and severe shopping addiction...okay and the hot guy), I made it my goal to become a successful fashion journalist. To help me get to my dream, I created a fashion blog two years ago. I changed it several times and had to find my footing, but alas Lucy & Camilla was made. My blog has helped me achieve so many things, including interviews with industry professionals, events, collaborations with brands, and new supportive blogger friends. I don't like driving, but this is one ride that has been totally worth it!

Adding to my stylish induced dreams, attending Fashion Week has always been on my top ten events to attend; number one being the MET Gala of course! For a few years in a row, the closest to NYFW I ever came to was going to their Fashion Night Out event. Although, I did in fact have a blast and got to meet many people, like Rapuznel stuck in the tower hoping to see the lights, I was stuck in Jersey, fantasizing attending an actual NYFW show.  This year, I broke out of my tower (again minus the hot guy) and my dream of going to a New York Fashion Week show, finally came true! 

I was invited to three shows including a few events. I was more than elated and felt beyond blessed. Actually, I had almost lost one of my invitations because it ended up being in my SPAM box for my email. Rule of thumb: always double check your SPAM before deleting any of it. After finding out that Fashion Night  Out was canceled this year, being invited to some of the shows was an awesome light at the end of the tunnel for me.

To embark on my New York bound adventure,  I contacted a fellow blogger, Diane Taha, about hosting a NYFW lunch with me. Diane interviewed me a month before for her site, Style Context, and it went so well that a friendship was made. The event was Bloggers at Bryant, an idea that I came up with at the end of May, this past Spring. It would be a lunch for fashion and beauty bloggers at Bryant park, a place I absolutely adore. When I told her, she was more than on board, but willing to help in any way possible. The planning and incessant emails commenced!

Following a minor let down with the restaurant,  Diane and I decided to continue with our plans for a lunch, but it would be a picnic instead. This worked out in our favor, because Saturday the 7th of September was a beautiful Fashion Week day. I will get to the lunch day later though. My first day at Fashion Week was actually on Friday the 6th for the Academy of Art show. I met up with Diane, meeting her for the first time, outside the confines of a keyboard, and all we could use to find each other,  among the crowd that encompassed Lincoln Center, were nick names surrounding our outfits. Diane being the girl in the "green dress" and me as the girl "in the black and white sweater dress," we eventually spotted each other. By the way, my heart leaped when I stepped onto Lincoln Center as a guest of a show. Just to sound like a dork, IT WAS AWESOME! Anyone who lives one of their dreams knows how it feels. For me it was like I was dreaming the whole time because of how surreal it all was. I was waiting for that annoying alarm to go off, but luckily for me it never did and what was happening was in fact real. Any ways, back to my fashion show story with Diane. We had a wonderful time filled with excitement, a brief confusing moment on line (shout out to the people working that night who were very helpful and nice through out the chaos), and paparazzi taking our photo when leaving. Yup, day one for me was magical.

Bloggers at Bryant Lunch Photo Credit: David @king_david  on Twitter 

My second day, was the day after, blistered feet and all (wore Michael Kors heels for  20 blocks the night before),and it was time for our Blogger's at Bryant lunch and photo shoot, as well as the New Fashion Night Out party hosted by celebrity stylist Yvonne Tucker and Whitney of The Vocal Vixen. Once again, I took a train in, wearing a blue floral dress this time and peep toe heels. I called it my Pippa Middelton look. When I arrived in the city, I came across a protest in Time Square, but eventually made my way to the more quiet Bryant Park. There, I was introduced to five other lovely bloggers. We each brought our own  lunches and began to eat and chit chat. Then, once done downing my entire fruit salad, we began photos. Which, side note, that fruit salad spilled on my dress later on. Luckily, I had Sarah Monaco of I Bleed Fashion and Marie-Pier of A Fashion Noteto come to my rescue and remove it before my dress was ruined. They must have known Mr.Clean personally in another life, because the red hued juice disappeared with a few blots of water and tissue paper.

The photo shoot went really well thanks to Runway Chef's, a attendee of the lunch, husband taking the photos. During our group photo however, another photographer joined in and snapped some of us as well, which was random, but oh well. While everyone was taking their photo's, Marie- Pier was kind enough to interview me, which was a humbling experience. Once group and individual street style photos were done, we decided to take a trip to Lincoln Center. It took an hour to find a cab, but we made it none the less. I had the enjoyable time of showing it to two Canadian bloggers, who were visiting the city for NYFW. They were both super sweet!

New Fashion Night Out with Diane and Simone
From Lincoln Center, I was off to meet up with Diane once again for the New Fashion Nigh Out Party. I did my makeup in the park, pulling a McGyver, with a small mirror and my phone flashlight and then we began our fun filled evening. After arriving at 48 Lounge, we walked their red carpet, and then scurried in. Welcomed by the loud music and chic guests, we ordered our drinks which made both of us broke, but living the glamorous life for a few days will do that to a gal. I ordered my first Cosmo in New York City and I could already hear the the Sex and the City theme song wrap its way through my head. After partying and speaking to others in the industry, including English royal Emma Mquiston and her husband, the night was quite interesting to say the least. Unlike Cinderella accidentally loosing her glass slipper, we couldn't wait to take off ours. Diane and I left and walked about a block before we collapsed on a 5th ave bench. After removing our caged feet, I couldn't move my toes which gave us a good laugh. Either that, or we just had the Cosmo still dancing through our systems. Fact was, it was hilarious. Diane and I then went our separate ways and I ended the night, by meeting up with my family and eating some yummy steak!

Front Row Fashion Show with Lauren and Simone 
It was hard to go back home and face the reality of being a full time student with math homework. I wanted so desperately, while in the city, to just walk to my little Manhattan apartment. Real life though, meant that my life in the city, was more like an episode on television; a wonderful fantasy until the end credit come on. That's why, when I was emailed about another show invitation, I of course went back a few days later. On Wednesday, I boarded my last train for Fashion Week, and attended the Front Row runway show. This time, I got to hangout with Simone of the blog, Fashion Runs the World, and met new friends including television reporter Lauren Leon. I did meet this hottie guy while waiting online, but unfortunately we got separated by the huge crowd that filled the runways when the show was over. Darn fashion for coming between me and a possible New York romance. I will just have to have my Breakfast at Tiffany's moment some other time. It's okay though, because us girls celebrated the end of the show with some free goodies, including a funny photo booth session, which can be described with only one word, MUSTACHES .

When the night was done, I walked back to the train station and kissed my New York experience adieu until next time. After everything, I did what any exhausted person, surviving on two hours of sleep, would do. I soaked my feet in a chip bowl filled with hot water, and watched a marathon of Scrubs. Duh. All in all, my brief affair with New York this past week was one to remember, not only because all of the colorful street style, but because I was able to live the fashion filled life that I have yearned for so long. Therefore, a strong thank you periods! Sure you give cramps and make me feel like my ovaries are being stabbed, but you lead me to discovering my dream and eventually living it! You deserve some credit in the scheme of things. (Thinks about it) Nope you still suck!

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