Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Great Scott!: Warby Parker's New Line of Literature Inspired Glasses

Photo Credit: Warby Parker / Edited by Katie Cruz 

A brilliant person once said, "The eyes are the nipples of the face." Okay so I quoted Anna Farris's character, Shelley, from the comedy, The House Bunny, but hey don't judge. She knew what she was talking about. The eyes are one of the most important features on a face, second to the eye brows of course. Whether you have big, small, blue, brown, or even violet ones like Elizabeth Taylor's, we all need to treat them with tender loving care. Like most things, we do that with some retail therapy. Well you can't exactly hug your eyes can you? Therefore add to your outfit, with a pair of chic glasses, whether that be for optical or sun reasons. 

Warby Parker's new line, inspired by literary greatness, is the perfect way to start. Are there tons upon tons of glasses out there? Yes. Are there glasses that cost from five dollars to a thousand? Yes. Warby Parker's line meets you in the middle by offering glasses with the same quality as the  thousand dollar ones, but for a more affordable price. Plus, with ever pair sold, another is given to someone in need. It's like the TOM's of glasses! Was I skeptical? Sure, I won't lie, but at the end of the day, and hours of perusing through their recent collection for this post, the more I ended up falling in love. This happens at times, when collaborating with a brand. Sometimes, I fall head over heels with a product after doubting it for a while, and other times, I  just hate it all together. In this case, I liked what I saw. After getting a first look at the glasses before they launched, I found that the styles truly captured the mid-century aura they were meant to resonate. In many ways, they also reminded me of my favorite television series Mad Men. I won't be surprised, if their costume designer, Janie Bryant, uses a pair for a future episode. Fingers crossed! 

The Fall 2013 Collection includes five new frames, Ames, Ellison, Ripley, Rowan, and Holcomb, along with fifteen options for both sun and optical. Each one is just as chic as the last, made with stainless steel-rimmed lenses, bold acetate, and yummy autumnal hues. As for fit, I can't tell you from personal experience how comfortable they are, being I have never tried them on, so you will just have to check them out yourself. You can even attempt their Home Try-On Kit, where you pick out five pairs to try on at home for five days. It's FREE and gives you the chance, hands on, and without having to leave the house, to browse your favorites and see which look and feel the best on your face. After all, if your eyes are the nipples of your face, you're going to need some stylish cover up. 

Photo Credit: Warby Parker 
Some Fun Options:

Buy Here: Graphite Fog / Whiskey Tortoise

Buy Here: Graphite Fog / Whiskey Tortoise

Buy Here: Marbled Sanstone / Oak Barrel

Buy Here: Marbled Sandstone / Whiskey Tortoise

Just because I thought this commercial is adorable and the music is awesome!

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