Wednesday, September 18, 2013

New York Fashion Week: Street Style

I don't always do street style photos because I find it to be over done by many and plus I just don't have the time to take a photo of my outfit everyday, (I'd rather sleep) but because this was Fashion Week I will of course make an acceptation! During my Bloggers at Bryant lunch, Runway Chef's husband, he has a name but I find it more adorable to call him Mr. Runway Chef, was a delight and accepted the reigns as photographer for the event. After doing some interesting and hilarious group shots, my fellow bloggers and I took to the streets to capture our lunch ensembles in the riskiest of ways. Luckily, Mr. Runway Chef was there to guide us all from getting hit by on coming taxis and buses. If not, we would have been road kill, stylish roadkill to say the least, but road kill none the less.

When making the decision to go through with a street style post, I also choose to use all the photos containing each girl. This way it isn't all about me, like street style may seem sometimes, and more about the varying styles from the lunch. This gives you a taste of the looks and hopefully leaves you inspired by the array of hues, patterns, and silhouettes that were donned that day. Floral, polka dots, and snake prints OH MY!

The Girls

Brittany of Piece Love and Sole Photo Credit: David aka Mr.Runway Chef

Diane of Style Context Photo Credit: David aka Mr.Runway Chef

Sarah of I Bleed Fashion Photo Credit: David aka Mr.Runway Chef

Kelly of Sparkles and Shoes Photo Credit: David aka Mr.Runway Chef

My Silly Self 

Photo Credit: David aka Mr.Runway Chef

Photo Credit: David aka Mr.Runway Chef

Photo Credit: David aka Mr.Runway Chef

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