Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fall Fashion: First Day Ensemble

About a week ago, my phone sounded off, to alert me of an awaiting text message. After I scurried to look for it under the pile of bed sheets, I finally found it and opened the text. It read, "Fall is my favorite time of year just because I like the fashion. haha I'm becoming obsessed." I of course chuckled and then replied "Yes the fashion during this time is fun!" Yup, this was only part of my conversation with my friend Sara, who has indeed gotten hit with the fall fashion bug. Some suffer from allergies and flues, while she sports the latest scarves and leggings. It is the time of year after all, similar to spring, where you can layer your clothes and still show some skin. This is one of the few things, besides the AMC scary movie marathon, that I like about the upcoming cold weather.

From this conversation, she had mentioned how she was wanted to start documenting her fall inspired wardrobe. This lead to me offering to post them on my blog and wallah here they are. Plus, I figured they would be the perfect start for the first day of autumn. Sara took hostage of her brother, for his expensive camera skills of course, and shot some interesting photos. After stating that her brother felt awkward just standing there and taking photos of his sister pose (I wouldn't blame him), he took charge of direction and they began involving props. So what came of the photos? Creativity, a match, and some tanks later, Sara and her brother put together a mini album that showed her autumn style in the most different of ways. Forget about a street or side walk, this girl created a new trend for fashion posts, porch style.

Photo Credit: John Keffer

Photo Credit: John Keffer

Photo Credit: John Keffer

Her Outfit Includes:
                             Racer Back Shirt- H&M
                             Sweater- Forever 21
                             Skirt- Target
                             Scarf- Target
                             Boots- DSW 

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