Friday, August 23, 2013

What to Wear to NYFW: 5 Minutes with Celebrity Stylist Yvonne and Her Style Tips for Fashion Week

As Nigel,from The Devil Wears Prada, would say "Gird your loins!" because New York Fashion Week is right around the corner. That's right! The time for an invasion of fashion zombies will be "clacking" its way through the streets of the city, for a week filled with, runway shows, street style sirens, Hollywood stars, and of course, the constant flash of the cameras, blinding anyone in a fifteen foot radius of the festivities. It's the most magical time of the year...besides Christmas of course. Fashion Week is honestly one of the most exciting yet stressful events for anyone in fashion because all though it has been given a glamorous label, the work that goes behind the scenes of the week long event, is one that deserves its own reality show. Craziness ensues months in advance to plan dinners, lunches, shows, and much more for a few looks to grace the runway and then end up in stores soon after. I love every minute of it though!That being said, one aspect that creates anxiety for me and trumps my eagerness, and I'm sure most, is the question that circles my mind on replay. What am I going to wear? 

To help answer this vital inquiry, I spoke with celebrity stylist Yvonne to get her suggestions on what to wear for NYFW. Yvonne, who is also the CEO of Style by Yvonne, gave me all the yummy details on possible ensembles and much more. Here's to a fabulous (pretends to have champagne in one hand) NYFW 2013 and that everyone shows off their chicest of selves. Oh la la! 

Fashion Week is fast approaching, what is one item that anyone attending it, should definitely be carrying in their purse and why?

First off, Fashion Week is all about the fashion. Not only do you need to dress to impress, but you need to take photos. You want enough photos of the items you loved to not only re-share with your mind, but to also remember for when Spring/Summer 2014 trends come around. My most prized item or I should say items with me, are my IPhone, IPad, and camera. Sounds like a lot, but trust me it's needed.

Sometimes walking in heels, especially in the city, can become difficult. What is your suggestion for anyone trying to keep it chic attending the shows and events, but still want to be comfortable? 

We all know heels are the way to go when looking super put together, but by day 3 of NYFW shows and events, my feet are screaming for help. To help from not looking like I am struggling when I walk, I carry fold up flats in my clutch or purse all day. I choose to have mine in a gold/nude color, and I use the brand Sidekicks Foldable Ballet Flats. These are nice because they come in a small carrying case so no one knows they are flats. At shows/events, I wear my heels and then once I walk out, I switch back to my flats. I see tons of editors, bloggers, and stylist do this throughout the week. You can also go the route of wearing neon colors sneakers or a cute bootie to help eliminate all the pressure from wearing sky high heels.

If you had to pick the perfect ensemble for a client to wear to fashion week, what would it include? Don't spare any details! 

I would suggest to go with mixed prints to show off your fun personality. Try a polka dot ankle pant (nicely tailored) and a stripe or leopard print shirt, tucked in. Finish it off with amazing accessories and killer shoes. Pair this with a clutch.You could also go the route of ALL black with a killer floral print heel. Top this off with a deep purple lip.

Buy These Items:Top- Mango  Skirt- Mango Shoes- Steve Madden

Any affordable places to go shopping for that perfect NYFW outfit?

Yes, I am all about making sure you buy trends at $25 or less. Hit up Necessary Clothing if you have the body to wear items that have mid section showing. They are more for the Rihanna/Miley Cyrus type of girls. I love to see a crop top with a nice motto type jacket, paired with a pair of peplum pants. You can also take a step into Windsor for nice high slit maxi skirt, top it off with a tucked in tank, and pile on the necklaces. For more of a classic feel, but to get more bang for your buck, check out JcPenney's. They recently updated their entire store. For shoes stop by Charlotte Russe. They are always refreshing their selection and have deals almost on a constant.

When it comes to hair and make-up, what products are your favorite to use, to keep both looking fabulous, while running around to events such as this one?

-Evian Misting Spray is a must have for me, helps re freshen your face while keeping your make up in place.

-For hair, I am obsessed with the bigger the better or tons and tons of braids.

-For Makeup, go for a neutral eye and a bold lip (orange, pink, deep purple).

-Nails, let's keep them to a darker shade of green.

-In my purse, I always carry bobby pins to switch my hair up from show to show. You don't want the fashion photo's to snap you looking the same every time. I also carry a lip balm and a mascara. 

Buy These Items: Nail Polish- Ulta Bobby Pins- Target Evian- Sephora Eyeshadow- Clinique Lip Balm- Nordstrom

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