Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sunset Daze: Summer Style Part I

The back to school commercials may annoyingly be on replay throughout televisions nationwide, but it's technically still summer and beach days are far from long gone! After Hurricane Sandy's devastation last year, we should be celebrating our beaches instead of rushing the seasons end and return of the inevitable school priorities. That being said, I recently set up a mini photo shoot at one of Jersey's many rebuilt beaches, and took some photo's inspired by long freeing summer moments. There's no better time to do so, than during sunset hours, when the magic of sunlight brightens up hues like a newly painted canvas. In true summer style, the models wore colorful prints, wavy beach hair, and rosy pouts. Three looks later and a rising moon, the girls posed, soaking up the sun, and being gleeful over representing the one thing we love most, summer days! 
Here's Part I of the photo shoot, featuring the looks that include a sweet-heart top/printed dress, a floral bandeau, and highwaisted shorts. 

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