Saturday, July 20, 2013

5 Tricks to Hide Sweat During a Heat Wave

Sweating sucks! Who knew that perspiring water out of your body could be so not fabulous. After all, wet t-shirt contests make having wet clothing seem like a sexy thing. When it is sweat and not water though, it's not exactly what I would call a Bond girl moment. Being so, here are five helpful tricks to keep your sweat a secret and not something public. Because whether you're getting married, being interviewed for an important job, or just walking the streets to your favorite bakery, in this nation wide heatwave,  pit stains are not very attractive and sweating in even the hidden areas of your outfit and body can be an uncomfortable puddle.

1.) Talc (Baby Powder) 

This little trick was used by grandmother religiously. Anytime it was stifling outside, the talc came out and the powder started flying. To this day, whenever I may feel like under boob sweat is coming on, and yes I said under-boob sweat, I take my bottle of baby power out and put some on. What the powder does, is it covers up the area that is liable to sweat and keeps it dry by absorbing any possible drips. Put enough that you feel comfortable with. With that being said, don't sprinkle it nor drown yourself in an abyss of white powder. Pat that area down and smooth it over so it becomes practically invisible. 

2.) Loose Clothes

Honestly, the easiest thing for you to do is to just wear light clothing. Don't attempt to wear a body contouring dress If you do, when you sweat, which you will, all the areas that are dripping like a monsoon, will stain the clothing and show in disheveling sweat lines. If you are being interviewed or even going on a first date, this look is so chic and professional.  Go for a loose and flowy top, bottom, and or dress. Chiffon is great for this! This way the fabric isn't sticking to your body, for the sweat to stain, when it counts most.

3.) Wear White and Print Clothing

White clothing and and those with prints are simple choices to use when trying to hide the fact that you are sweating. Dark colors and other bright hues show sweat lines like it is their part-time job. With white, it's not as noticeable because of how light the color is. As for prints, the crazier the better. Prints and patterns are so distracting to the eye, that someone passing by in the street won't even see that stain caressing your underarms. Polka dots, stripes, and tribal prints are the best!

4.) Try Going Sleeveless 

When in doubt, going sleeveless is always a quick fix. Of course, sleeveless is not the best for a professional setting, but for a summer BBQ or a night out with the girls, going sleeveless is always welcome. Without any sleeves, your underarms have nothing to drip their tears on. Just go to the powder room every few hours and pat yourself with a tissue and keep the areas dry like the Sahara. Oh and if you go the sleeveless route, put on invisible deodorant. When sweating, sometimes deodorant becomes clumpy. Make sure to own a good deodorant that you can trust not to have this problem with. I suggest, Dove Go Fresh Antiperspirant. I used it during a hot summer in Europe and it didn't stain, clump, or smell. Instead, it kept me dry, smelled yummy, and stayed invisible.  

5.) Tinted Moisturizer for Your Face

Some may say I am crazy for suggesting putting this on while sweating, but hear me out.The idea is to put it on those places that become shiny on your face from perspiring. I dab a little bit on my nose and t-zone. You also have to use a well made concealer that won't run if you sweat. My favorite is "hope in a tinted moisturizer" by philosophy. I use the light to medium shade with SPF 20. This way, not only is your face hiding sweaty shine, but you are moisturizing it, and keeping it protected from the sun. That's a win win!

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