Friday, July 19, 2013

Instagram Style Contest Coming Soon!

One social media outlet I absolutely adore is Instagram! Why? Because I love pictures of course. Lucy & Camilla will be launching a new campaign to spread positive words on social media outlets, called The Lovely Words Campaign, and I am using Instagram to celebrate its long awaited launch. The contest is simple, fun, and stylish! Read below for all the details! 

Rules and Directions:
  • Must Be 15 Years Or Older to Participate
  • Must Have an Instagram Account
  • Contest Open to Both Males and Females
  • No Nudity or Any Vulgar Messages
The idea is very easy! The week of July 21st to the 28th, anyone who wants to participate, must post a style photo on their Instagram accounts using the hashtag #LovelyWordsShine and write a positive message for their caption. Photo's must include yourself in an outfit you have styled. Think of it as a street style picture if that makes it more understandable. Make it as creative as you like.
When posting the photo, use the Hashtag mentioned. For the caption, write an inspiring and positive message about self confidence. You may use a famous quote, as long as you credit where the quote comes from. Each person is allowed at least 3 entries throughout the week. 

How Will the Winner Be Choosen?
I will be judging the contest and will decide the winner based on:
  • Best Overall Outfit
  • Quality of the Photo (Not Blurry, Nice Filter, Creativity)
  • Best Overall Inspiring Message for the Caption

What Does the Winner Get?
Winner will be contacted through a comment on the photo they submit on Instagram. The winner will have their photo published on my blog along with their positive message. The post on my blog will include that and a mini interview of the winner. They will also receive a Giftcard for Sephora!!! 

Good Luck and if you have any other questions don't hesitate to email me at lucyandcamilla@yahoo.com 

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