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Simply Havenly: 'Safe Haven’s' Julianne Hough and Josh Duhamel on Their New Film Together and What I think AboutTheir On-Screen Off-Screen Style

Safe Haven 2013 Photo Credit: www.heyuguys.co.uk  
     When one thinks of  Nicholas Sparks, the image of Rachel McAdams running in a blue dress and  pouring rain, while effortlessly jumping onto Ryan Gosling's perfectly formed body and wait for it... KISSING him, seems to always come to mind. Well, for me at least. Except when I think of it, I'm the one jumping onto him, without the running though, because I am a terrible runner.  Point is, it is hard not to connect a name like Nicholas Spark without thinking of some of the most epic love stories ever and the hot stars that portray his characters. Channing Tatum (Dear John), Zac Efron (The Lucky One), Liam Hemsworth (Last Song), and the lovely girls who fall for them such as Amanda Seyfreid (Dear John), would be some of the big names who have circled the "I love you and only you" drain.  So when word got out, (I follow Julianne Hough's Instagram religiously), that she was filming the new Nicholas Sparks based movie 'Safe Haven', I was pretty excited. That's an understatement by the way. Let's just say I had a Tom Cruise moment and jumped on my couch because conveniently I was sitting on one at the moment when I made the discovery. Why the thrill and much anticipation? Well, with the always sexy Josh Duhamel on board for this love and tears filled fest of a film as well, it's a pretty great match!

Yup, with these two as the lead characters, Katie (Hough) and Alex (Duhamel), 'Safe Haven' is sure to be a hit  among girls, and I'd like to think some guys, everywhere. 

From what we know so far, the film is based around Hough's characters, Katie, who seeks solace from a mysterious, and possibly dangerous past, in the town of Southport, North Carolina. It is there which Katie meets Alex (Duhamel), a widower and father of two, and surprise surprise falls for him, while facing her own tragic secrets. 

So what do Hough and Duhamel feel about their new film together? According to their online chat, hosted by Shutterfly, they took the time to speak to fans and bloggers a like. Hough replied that she felt "honored" to be apart of such an amazing franchise. "I've always been a fan of Nicholas Sparks. A Walk to Remember is my favorite novel/movie. To be a part of one of his films is a huge honor. It's very exciting!"- Hough 

From Left to Right- Nicholas Sparks, Julianne Hough, and Josh Duhamel
Photo Credit: The Hollywood Reporter

As for preparing for such fan based roles... "I had spoken to Nicholas before we started shooting to see if there was anything specific that he wanted me to do, but then I tried to interpret Katie in my own way as much as I could." - Hough 

Besides, Julianne, Duhamel also dived right into his role working "very hard" in finding how he was going to approach the role of Alex. "We worked very hard on really hard on expanding who he was in the book. Nicholas, Lasse & I really worked on figuring out what makes Alex tick. Nicholas encouraged me to take risks & to make him my own & not just a guy who always does & says the right; but a real human who isn't perfect but only wants the best for his family." -Duhamel

Seriousness aside, the two were also able to have fun on set while trying to create that onscreen chemistry that everyone can't wait to witness. Turns out that sometimes filming a flirty scene is more funny than sexy. Which scene was like that? Well the one where Julianne says"Check out my floors." as a pick up line. "The scene where I'm basically asking him to "come in" and check out my floors, I'm hitting on him. I hope they put some of the outtakes on the DVD."  -Hough

Hough (Right) and Duhamel get wacky during filming.
Photo Credit: Examiner.com

With all the romantic bliss though, funny or not, it 's hard to think that men may want to consider paying money to go see this movie. Our leading man buries those assumptions and with a couple weeks to go, he's pretty ecstatic about the films premise as well as  what it will do for everyone.  "I'm very excited because this is everything that people expect and more from a movie like this. It's a beautifully shot movie, it's an honest story about two people who have a second and it has a real sense of danger that I haven't seen in a Nicholas Sparks movie. It's as much a thriller as it is a love story. It's definitely not just a "chick-flick."-Duhamel 

Being that the film was a supposed blast to make, did the casts onscreen love for each other transcend off screen as well? You bet ya...especially when it came to the Josh's scripted children, Noah Lomax and Mimi Kirkland. Julianne had an especially sweet bond with Mimi and still keeps in touch. "Yes, we do keep in touch! I got a Christmas cards from Mimi. My favorite part of everyday was when she would run up and wrap her arms and legs around me and tell me that she missed me, even though it had only been 10 minutes" - Hough

Co-star's Mimi Kirkland (Left) and Julianne Hough have some fun while taking a break from filming on set.
Photo Credit: Google.com/Images
Plus, Julianne and Duhamel were friends before filming, thanks to his gorgeous wife Black Eyed Pea's lead songstress Fergie. 

When it comes to fashion and sense of style. These two don't shy away from a well put together ensemble. Now with the movie hitting theaters in a couple of weeks on Valentines Day, Duhamel and Hough have been on their best fashion behavior while working their press tour for the film. 

Duhamel and Hough while attending the premiere in Toronto
Photo Credit: BecauseI'mFabulous.com
Their style on the Red Carpet is very different from their plaid shirts and beige shorts wearing characters from 'Safe Haven'. They represent their casually dressed movie while attending the premiere in Toronto, Canada with a fancier and chicer approach. Would you really expect anything less from these hotties?

Julianne was pretty in pink while donning this Zimmermann dress paired with YSL Tribtoo suede pumps.

Josh made Justin Timberlake proud while wearing nothing but a suit and tie. He sported a grey suit  to the premiere along with a skinny tie.

Hopefully, 'Safe Haven' will turn out to be another hit in Nicholas's Spark's career. Besides, I need a new a epic love scene to ponder over shamelessly in class.

Make sure to catch 'Safe Haven' when it hits theaters everywhere February 14th! Here's the trailer in case you haven't been swept away by it yet!


PS: Other Reasons for Me Wanting to Watch This

  • Main character has my name and is played by one of my favorite starlets JULIANNE HOUGH! 
  • Main Characters, who has my name, gets to hook up with Josh Duhamel, a supreme hottie! 
  • They live in an adorable town! 
  • She uses a bike to get everywhere! 
Yup...this movie was made for me. (I wish)

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