Thursday, January 24, 2013

Brace Yourselves

Singer, Katy Perry, sporting the braces look in her music video of "Last Friday Night". 

     Trends come and go faster than we post our next status on Facebook. With that said, like Facebook statuses, not all trends are fine and dandy! The eighties are proof of the "What were we thinking?" fashion movements that have somehow squirmed their way back into our Instagram inspired outfit, filled closets. Yes, besides the puffy peplum, and eye burning neon’s, the eighties came back in full effect lately, but what is another trend that is surfacing? It is one that no one expected people would actually want desperately. Don't worry though because for this trend you can't stand outside in the bitter cold while waiting for the super secretive Sample Sale to open up. Nope, lady on lady fighting over a pair of designer shoes for half price, will hopefully not happen with this piece of oral accessory. This new trend is no other than the one thing that many people dreaded as a child! It’s braces! Mouth and teeth constricting braces are making their rounds. Don't ask me how or why, because I am still trying to fathom why myself. There is nothing wrong with people who were made by their certified dentist to wear them, but when it comes to those wearing it just for the look I am really astonished. From the eighties on, braces have always been looked down up by the socially involved. No one wanted to end up with those silver things in their mouth because they felt they were going to look too geeky and they were a lot of work to keep clean to begin with. Well, since geek chic is in, odds are it was only a matter of time for braces to come back full swing as well. This may not be the greatest trend ever, but hopefully like most, it will disappear quickly. Then again I am still patiently waiting for this "pants down by the knees" to makes its leave a well. So where did this trend make its first appearance as the new fashion must? That would be China, Indonesia, and Thailand. They even consider it to be a piece of high end fashion there as well and like any good piece of high fashion, there are many knock offs to be sold for cheaper prices at Salons, street vendors, and dare I say...the Black Market. So I guess we should all look out for matching faux Louis Vuitton braces coming soon to street corners everywhere. Somehow, neon clothing no longer sounds as bad compared to this
Source: Broken News Daily 


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