Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Smoking and Drinking: A Boobs Worst Nightmare


Jennifer Lopez at the 2012 Academy Awards 
     Like to drink and smoke a cigarette...especially while partying on the weekend? Well if you said yes then you should probably consider what it's doing to you. Of course I am not talking about the always talked about lung cancer and so on and so forth, but rather what it does to girls plump and perky boobs. You know that little myth about getting a saggy bust as you age? Well wake up and smell the plastic surgery, because this myth is no more false than Taylor Swift having relationship dilemmas. Turns out that drinking and smoking actually speed up the process of the saggy breast saga. Long story short, if you don't cut down or at least try to stop your tatas are going to look like they are aged fifty while you may only be twenty-eight. The reason why? Smoking, besides giving you bad breath and all the other downsides, also interferes with skins elasticity. That's why cleaner and healthier living girls who don't smoke and only drink once in a while, have much perkier breasts for a much longer time. Early sagging also depends on when you started boozing and smoking it up. If you were a rebellious teen who started drinking and using cigarettes in high school...well the odds are not going to be exactly uphill for you, but rather very downhill instead. Get it because your boobs will be not so awesome looking by your mid-twenties to thirties? So try to remember next time you go out for a smoke or a few shots of tequila, that is this really worth me losing a good ten years of magazine cover-worthy breasts? After all, your twenties and early thirties is when you have to take advantage of your well-endowed perkiness whether you’re an A, B, C, or D girl. The proof is in the pudding. Look at Jennifer Lopez for instance. She doesn't smoke, drink as much, or do drugs, and her boobs, as well as everything else, look amazing at the age of 43. Compare her to Lindsay Lohan, who at 18, already looked 25 because of all the cigarettes and drinking. Don't worry though because a droopy bust is not the end of the world, but if you want to avoid getting it earlier on and you smoke or drink, than at least attempt to cut down on both and you will be a happy. 

Sources: Cosmopolitan Magazine and Jean Loftus MD



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