Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Pitt of Chanel

     BORING is how I like to describe Brad Pitt as the new face for Chanel 5. Seriously though, what is up with their new commercial? When news broke that the always sexy Pitt would be the new spokesperson for the brands infamous perfume, also the first male in its history to do so, there was much skepticism that he would not be able to sell a ladies perfume. With that said, as time went by excitement also heightened and before you knew it, thinking of this dreamy actor as Chanel's new leading man started to become a better idea than none. Unfortunately, when I watched it, as it ran for the first time on television, my reaction was one for the movies. My jaw literally dropped and not in a good way. It dropped in shock because I could not believe how incredibly not creative and very plain this hyped up commercial was. I waited months filled with curiosity for what exactly...to watch Angie's lover boy stand idle while reciting a poem as though he really didn't care, with a gray back drop and black and white coloring? I don't think that's what I imagined. Where's the tux, the beautiful woman he's chasing after, the fantasy, and hello where's the bottle he's selling? What makes me even more disappointed is he received millions of dollars for this. Which in honesty is fine, because I am not one to be hung up on what celebrities get paid, but if he is going to be paid a load sum of money than his commercial needs to be a little more exciting than him looking into the camera with his hands in his pockets. In the end, if Chanel's goal through this revamp was to sell more of their coveted scent, well then sorry, but somehow this isn't looking like a top five to me. After all, this is starting to smell more boring than ohh lala. Tell what you think after watching it. Was it and eye catcher or an absolute snoozer?


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  1. Woow! I completely agree with you. I watched the commercial for the first time today and it actually almost put me to sleep. I felt like Pitt was falling asleep with me while saying it. I expected a lot more than they gave us.