Friday, February 15, 2013

Beautifully Bewitched: Emmy Rossum Puts a Stylish Spell on Her Viewers in the New Film Beautiful Creatures

Emmy Rossum as Ridley Duchannes (a Siren) in the film 'Beautiful Creatures'
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Chocolates encased in a heart shaped box, a bouquet of twelve long stemmed red roses, and of course lets not forget the over sized teddy bear, that at the moment seems like the sweetest thing in the world, but in a couple of months ends up in the corner of your room catching dust. Yup, these are just the few of the many commercialized things associated with Valentines Day. Finally though, thanks to Phantom of the Opera (2004) beauty, Emmy Rossum, Valentines Day this year was less cutesy cliches and more sexy chic style. After getting a free voucher to watch another movie, I and my date for this Valentines Day evening, my best friend (us single ladies stick together), decided to venture into the supernatural yet beautiful world of this years newest love story, Beautiful Creatures. Was the movie about two love birds trying to conquer the odds, no matter how magical those odds may be? Yes it was, but aside from the I love you's and I won't leave no matter what you become moments, there were those, that centered around Rossum's charcter, Ridley Duchannes, which completely stole the show. She may have played one evil messed up witch, and I meant to spell that with a "B", but her style was oh so good. From her jaw dropping entrance on a football field in a very revealing black lace dress, to a goth inspired ball gown, Rossum's costume design in the film was probably one of my favorite highlights. Sure the love story was cute and at times very amusing, but you give me a villain in couture, and I would choose that villain any day...for her fashion sense of course. Duh! The great thing about her style though is that it defines her character perfectly. The dark colors go well with Ridley's darkened demeanor and the fit of the fabrics, as well as hair and make-up, match her sultry temptress side. Over all, this southern belle's closet was perfection. Now I know where the title comes from.  

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Thomas Mann as Link and Emmy Rossum's Ridley Duchannes
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Rossum attending the premiere of 'Beautiful Creatures' in LA donning a
 black and white Andrew Gn gown.
Photo Credit: RedCarpet-FashionAwards.com


PS: Here's the trailer!!! Make sure to go see Beautiful Creatures playing everywhere NOW! 

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