Friday, February 22, 2013

Julianne Hough and Sole Society a Pair Made in Heaven: Review on the Starlets New Shoe Line

Photo Credit: Accessoriesmagazine.com 

"This collection represents me: fashion-forward, fun and approachable." - Hough (Nordstrom.com)

I love shoes! Yup, they are pretty awesome and there is no denying it. From platforms, ballerina flats, and wedges to the infamous stilettos, shoes are a woman's fashion staple. Even if you are a girl who doesn't like shoe's you still have to wear something on your feet, so in a way your still supporting the very thing you many not necessarily love. Point is, our feet need a pretty accessory as much as our wrists or neck lines do. Wearing the perfect pair of shoes is vital at times. They can bring your outfit together in a way you never expected. 'Safe Haven' actress, Julianne Hough, is proving exactly that with her recent collaboration alongside Sole Society. The blonde beauty has created a shoe line representing her own chic style paired up with the convenience and comfort that a girls feet yearns for. The line includes an array of styles such as booties, sandals, and flats. Each of which, may I add, aren't terribly priced. They are quite reasonable compared to other celebrity inspired foot wear. The styles start at just $49.95. Hough and Sole Society launched the new shoes on February 11th of this year and will continue to release five new creations, in 36 select Nordstrom stores, as well as online, each month until July 2013. Famed designer, Vince Camuto, will be apart of the designing and manufacturing process. Not to be biased because I adore miss Hough like sunshine on a Spring day, I went to Nordstrom to check out these shoes myself. When I arrived I was a little put off because there was no table specifically assigned for the line. Instead they were spread through out the shoe department which made it difficult for I, the customer, to find them. I blame the store for this mishap because that was badly done and very confusing. When I finally found them, after walking in circles about three times, I began to inspect. Of course the only style out of the collection that I discovered was the 'Addy' T-strap flat in all three featured colors Citrine/French Taupe, Cuban/Black Sand, and Rosa/Rose Gold.  The 'Addy' shoe was adorable with a sort of 1940's flare to them. Each one, because of their differing hues, could be used for a a variety of reasons or events. For example the Cuban/Black Sand one is a little more formal and business like than my favorite which is the more gutsy and fun Citrine/French Taupe. Over all though, for the price they are asking, the quality of the shoe is pretty good. The straps seem sturdy and the design, sophisticated. So far I like what I see and definitely plan on adding a pair to my shoe hungry closet.

Other Styles From the Collection 

'Maddi' Bow Flat in Midnight/Crema
Photo Credit: Nordstrom Media Kit
‘Gianna’ mid-heel with ankle-strap sandal in Bermuda Pink
Photo Credit: Nordstrom Media Kit

 ‘Makenna’ criss-cross zipper sandal in Tangerine Tango
Photo Credit: Nordstrom Media Kit
‘Angela’ suede peep-toe bootie in Dark Mushroom
Photo Credit: Nordstrom Media Kit

Sources- Nordstrom.com


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