Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The 'Dark Swan' Goes Nude for Dior

        Natalie Portman has always been one to cover up rather than show a lot of skin, unlike many other celebrities, but in Dior's new  ad for their makeup line, Diorskin Nude,  she does just the opposite. The 'Black Swan' actress sheds her feathers, well clothes in this case, to pose nude for the French brand. This new wife, to ballet dancer Benjamin Millepied, and  a mother to a baby boy, proved that no matter how many changes you may go through in your life you can still look hot doing so. Plus, you would figure that a nude ad would be tacky or raunchy, but for this one, Dior is looking chicer than ever. In the ad she wears nothing but her favorite shade of lipstick from their line, "Grege." In fact proceeds from her favorite color will go to Free the Children's Association. The force must be strong with this one. Get it...because she was in 'Star Wars' and she played the...oh fine I will keep my jokes to myself.

                                         XOXO,   Katie

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