Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Tale of Two Styles...and One City

    What happens when you ask two young everyday women to dress according to the style influenced by the South and California? Well, that was one answer that I yearned to discover. Exactly three weeks ago I asked a couple of young women whom I had attended high school with to do exactly that. For Michelle, I requested she dress as though she were a Cali resident, showing the whole beachy, laid back, but still chic style, that comes from the west coast. As for Bryanna, she was assigned to wear an outfit that represented the southern attire…a modern version of the southern belle with a twist. I then made the backdrop for the photo shoot New York. If there is one place in this country that definitely embodies the idea of multiple cultures and trends coming together at once, it would be New York. That is why I thought it would be the perfect setting for my West meets Southern Coast photo shoot and experiment.  The girls arrived in the City sporting to very different looks…thankfully. For Ms. Southern Belle herself, Bryanna wore a floral print sun dress, a jean vest to give it that rebel twist, and some contemporary tie up booties. As for California chic, Michelle turned up looking like a character from the Cali based show, ‘90210’ on the CW. She donned a simple beige knitted sweater, jean shorts, grey wedges, and that famous California wavy sun kissed hair. The two personified two very different cultures of the United States in the most fun and stylish way. I was of course ecstatic with how the two came out because they proved that in fashion you don’t always need real models or overly expensive outfits to show society something as real as friendship and unity. So next time you dress up in the morning, don’t be afraid to mix things up a little and go outside of your comfort zone. You may just end up loving it. After all, these women are proof of exactly that. At the end of the day, these two Jersey girls, became two trendsetting women from separate coasts. Wow the magic fashion truly astonishes me every time.

                XOXO, Katie

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