Friday, January 30, 2015

Nailing It: Tips to Achieve a Great Superbowl Nail Style

Purple. That is my favorite nail color for the winter season, a deep rich purple. However, with the Superbowl coming up this Sunday, I should probably get the deep blue out because I'm a Patriots fan and supporting them is pretty crucial. Okay...okay it may be a little extreme to represent your team through nail color, but is it any less patriotic than painting my entire body and wiggling all my jiggly parts at the stadium. I think not...well maybe a little.

To assist me in getting the perfect Superbowl nails, I am turning to Julep and their brand of nail polish for help. My favorite brand is usually OPI, but recently I saw a few hues of Julep's that would be perfect to honor my Massachusetts based team.  For my Game Day Nails, I will probably sport one nail with Julep's Claudette color and the rest in their Ilsa hue to represent the deep blue and red colors of the Patriots.

Like any good self-manicure though, I usually have my own steps to not completely make a mockery out of my hands. (Yes, painting my right with my left is hard) I don't know about everyone else, but I almost always paint outside of my nail bed and at times have to repaint a nail because I accidentally peeled off a layer when pulling my leggings up. Needless to say, I save money doing them on my own and after a few tries, they come out pretty good. Therefore, if you are willing to trust me, this is what I have learned to get somewhat professional looking nails.

Have a Paper Towel Roll Nearby
Paper towel is like the Prince Charming who rescues Rapunzel from the tower. Granted, I don't get a kiss, but it is there fore me when I spill acetone, to clean polish off of my skin, and protect surfaces from all the ingredients I use for my mani. He's convenient and comes to the rescue when it counts most. If it weren't for him, my hands would look like a Jackson Pollock painting.

Two Layers of Color One of Clear
If you are like me, you have suffered from NPB (Nail Polish Bubbles). It is not a fun sight and quite honestly supper annoying when you paint your nails and BAM you have little bubbles forming all over the fresh paint. To avoid this, I began giving each layer of polish time to fully dry before placing the next one on. I paint the first layer of color and wait until dry and then mask on the next one. Once those are completely sealed, I then paint over all the nails with a coat of clear nail polish. It is important that for the clear polish your nails are completely dry. Whenever I used to get bubbles it would happen when I placed the clear on too fast. Also, quick suggestion, but make sure your clear is a new and fresh bottle. When clear nail polish gets old the texture changes into a jelly-like substance causing it  to be harder to spread on and work with.

Got a Smudge? Use Some Acetone
I have smudged my polish many times. In this case, you don't have to repaint the nail. Just get a dab of acetone, place it on your finger and gently smooth it out by running your finger over it. Remember, you only need a small dab of acetone. You don't want too much or to rub too hard because than you will peel the color off completely.

File Your Nails the Night Before 
I used to file my nails before painting them and this was a big mistake. I would end up with little hang nails that did not want to smooth out when it came down to the manicure. Now, I file them the night before to ensure they are ready for when I need them to be. I don't know. Maybe my nails are the only ones that do this, but if not, try this suggestion and I promise your nails will listen to you.

Netflix or a Movie is Your Best Friend
I get really bored when I have to wait for my nails to dry. Because of this, I begin moving around which eventually leads me to messing them up and chipping the polish. If you have Netflix or at least a T.V., my suggestion is put on a movie or binge watch a show while they dry. The time will go by faster and the odds of you chipping them will be much less than before. I usually witness Barney Stinson hitting on about twenty women by watching How I Met Your Mother. Did I mention that's in only one episode! I told you letting your nails dry can be entertaining.

Want some more tips for those everyday moments during the Winter?
Here are some great ones from Julep as well:

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