Tuesday, January 28, 2014

On the Marc: Marc Jacobs to Open a Pop-Up with Free Merchandise for Social Media Coverage

Photo Credit: Marc Jacobs / Getty Images

Taking a whole new meaning to advertising, American designer Marc Jacobs will be opening a pop-up shop during the upcoming New York Fashion Week in February. The twist? Selling Marc Jacobs merchandise for no money at all. Yup! You read that correctly.

Named Daisy Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop, instead of selling items for the regular form of payment, they just want one thing and it doesn't come in the form of green paper or plastic cards. What they want is something a little more public and socially inclined. The shop will be offering items to purchase in exchange for tweets, Facebook status's, and even Instagram posts. As long as you hashtag it with #MJDaisyChain, you will receive your goodies.

This is of course a brilliant form of marketing on their part, but what many are wondering is, is there a catch? Will shoppers have to publish on social platforms multiple times for different items or is it as simple as one tweet for a gorgeous bag? This is a viable question that we may just  have to wait and find out.

According to Fashionista.com, Daisy Marc Jacobs Tweets Shop will be open from February 7-9 as a promotional stunt to prepare the public for the release of a new print campaign for Daisy. So maybe this may sound a little too much like a promotional event rather then an exciting shopping experience, but at least they plan to have a lounge featuring drinks and the best part...a photo booth!

I wish I could say that I will definitely be checking this out, but odds are the line to get in and participate will probably be as terrifyingly long as those outside of an Apple store during a new I-Phone release day. If that ends up being the case, count me out! However, if you are up for it, do your thing and go for it! Just be prepared to possibly wait outside, in the cold, for a while. Either way, cheers to Marc Jabcob's PR people for this technologically advanced marketing maneuver.

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