Monday, January 27, 2014

A Heelish Takeover: Met Renames Costume Institute the Anna Wintour Costume Center

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Well it's official. Editor in Chief of Vogue, Anna Wintour, has become the most powerful woman, scratch that, person, in the fashion industry of all time. If you thought she had reign over most of the style decisions in this country, let alone the world, well now she has an institute named after her to prove exactly that for years to come.

The newly renovated Costume Institute complex will reopen and debut as the Anna Wintour Costume Center on May 8th, right after Wintour's, also famous, Met Ball. The reopening will feature the exhibition Charles James: Beyond Fashion.  

Thomas P Campbell, CEO and Director of the Metropolitan Museum, spoke highly of Wintour and their decision for this rename.

“Through her bold leadership at the helm of the annual Costume Institute Benefit plus other significant fundraising, Anna has helped us realize a place where The Costume Institute can move into the future with the latest technology for creating immersive, cutting-edge exhibitions, developing new techniques for object conservation, and designing a customized collection storage facility,”

Don't worry though, because at least the curatorial department itself will continue to be called The Costume Institute. Just everything else, including the libraries, galleries, research areas, and offices will be named after the Artistic Director of Conde Nast. Okay so worry a little. She's about to take over the world of stilettos and peplums and we all just may end up with bob hairstyles and over sized sunglasses as the aftermath for this shift. If I have to be a minion I would like to at least be as adorable as those from Despicable Me. Yellow may not be my color, but I will take that over an above the shoulder haircut any day. My head is too round for that kind of life. 

In all honesty, she does deserve it though. She has been a trustee with the Met since January 1999 raising about $125 million for the institute since. Add her co-chairing 15 benefits, and being involved in renovations, her resume is in fact quite impressive. Let's not forget, these are just her benefactor hobbies. Her day job is running one of the most prestigious magazines in fashion history. 

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