Sunday, August 18, 2013

Princess Chic:Charlotte Olympia's Fairy Tale Inspired Collection

in a faraway shopping kingdom, known as Neiman Marcus, a stylish new line of accessories were being sold. Designed by English sweetheart Charlotte Dellal of Charlotte Olympia, her new line with the department store, (or for this article we will call Neiman Marcus a castle just for fun) is one to get royally excited about. It's no wonder why some of her favorite clients are fashion icons Kate Moss and Sarah Jessica Parker. Sure, are the prices a little steep for the everyday commoner, being that we don't all carry satchels of gold around,  yes, but I must give credit where credit is due. Prices aside, each piece of this fairy tale inspired junction, is truly a work of art and deserves to be described with no other adjective except, creative! 

Every once in a while a designer goes against the common style of a shoe or clutch and gives the pieces extra life by adding some fun pizzazz. Olympia has accomplished just that, with this assortment of adorable and one of a kind pieces.  Even the names given to some of the clutches such as "Sleeping Princess" are used as a smile invoking hint of fairy tale bliss. So for any girls out there who have ever dreamed of being a princess, but haven't found your prince just yet, here is your chance to get one step closer to your happily every after. Just don't loose your shoe in the process. They aren't exactly cheap and how many guys really have an assistant with a horse and carriage at his disposal to find you? 

Below, are only a few of the many items from Olympia's Neiman Marcus collection.  I paired up a couple of  the shoes with a couple of the clutches to create possible matching themes for future ensembles.  

-To check out more from the line: Neiman Marcus 

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