Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Kodak Moment: Duchess Kate and Prince William With Baby George in Their Stylish Family Portrait

Photo Credit: Michael Middleton/Getty Images

To say that I am a fan of Kate Middleton's style is the understatement of the century. I absolutely adore everything she wears. It's not only because I think she is such a delightful gal, but rather because this Duchess  really does have some epic fashion smarts.

Recently, Middleton posed along side with her dotting husband and new father, Prince William, while also holding their recent bundle of joy, baby George, during their family portrait photo shoot. Most royal pictures can tend to be a tad structured, posed, and non-relatable, but in this candid moment of new parents bliss, the photographer was able to capture just an intimate moment of smiles among a normal family, titles aside. I loved the photos because it showed the simple and realistic side of the couple. One, that they have been trying to shed light on since their wedding day. They prove that they are doing things their own way, and boy it is great! 

Photo Credit: Michael Middleton/Getty Images

In the photo's, which were allegedly leaked on Twitter earlier than its initial date, the couple are seen wearing comfy and casual clothing, and Prince George in a white blanket by H.H. Hurt and Son. Wonder if that one will sell out like the last swaddle that was wrapped around his adorable little body. Speaking of, the fuchsia $72 wrap dress that Middleton dons in the picture, has already sold out as well. Talk about trend setter...literally! Her choice of wearing a wrap dress for the shoot, was perfection, considering she is a new mama with post baby body. Women these days, especially in Hollywood, are so desperate to get rid of the weight right after birth, as if they are embarrassed by it. Don't be! If you have post baby weight, then take care of it at your own pace. Enjoy your new baby, and worry about rushing to get fit again later. That's why, Kate's Seraphine wrap dress was such a well thought out decision. Wrap dresses are the ultimate frock to sport for people of all shapes. Seriously! They look amazing on everyone. It covers up any unwanted areas while also accentuating your best assets.   

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