Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hey Mister! : Fashion Blogger McArthur Joseph and His Five Summer Stylish Must Haves

Summer is finally here! Well...kind of, just not quite. It is less than two weeks away, never the less, and since beach season technically started  memorial day weekend, it is time to get your seasonal favorites out of your closet and onto your summer hungry body. As a style blogger, speaking about trends for each season and posting photos of it, tends to be as predictable as an episode of the Housewives of New Jersey these days. Seriously though, one day they love each other and then the next, hair is being pulled and dirty words are being said. I digress, point is instead of giving you another post of what I think is hot at the moment for the upcoming season, I will have fellow blogger and fashion student, McArthur Joseph tell you his favorites instead. Why not get a second opinion? After all, I do it while trying on clothes in a store. 

Joseph is the creator of the blog Daily Mister and never shy's away from gaining experience in the fashion industry. Currently, he works freelance, but beforehand he was the Style Editor for FashionIndie.com. Not surprising, since his dream job is to one day have a senior editorial position and be able to express his most inner creative urges, through his work. Along his way up, he considers Pharrel Williams his ultimate style icon and favorite accessories as a watch, hat, and wait for it... necktie. Case in point, if there is a second voice that I can trust to steer my readers into the best choices for style this summer, it would be him. After all, how can you not be confident about a guy, who when asked what food he would compare fashion to, answers with "Definitely McDonald’s. Some people will always devalue it while others are completely enamored with it. Also, there’s always something new on the menu and every season things come in and out." I may be a Burger King lover myself, but I will admit that even he made a McDonald's menu sound glamorous and that is a gift within its self. 


You are a fashion student, with a blog, and an eye for all things men’s wear. Do you ever have any days where your life doesn't consist of seam lines and bow ties, or are you all about that street style 24 hours a day?

It’s funny, I’d like to think there are those days, but my friends always tell me that I’m constantly dressed to the nines, even if I’m trying to be casual. I've never been a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy, unless the tee shirt was over sized, and the jeans had a drop crotch.

Street style has become the newest craze in the blogging as well as well as mainstream fashion scene. What is your favorite and least favorite aspect about it?

 My favorite thing, is that it gives more people access to what fashion is. There weren't many fashion icons that  looked like me while I was growing up. Now people of all shapes, colors, and icons can aspire to be fashion savvy with just the click of a mouse.The worst part is, people just think it only involves playing dress up.

Speaking of style, you are after all a fashion blogger, can you list 5 Items that every college student should have this summer for their most chic of moments?

For men, I think polo's are a great way to elevate style without melting in the heat. (Not to mention, that they are super on trend.) Mirrored sun glasses are also a big trend at the moment, and can hide any misdeeds of the night prior. It’s 2013, so any type of baggy shorts are just unflattering. I also recommend dudes to wear watches because it’s an identifier of a gentleman. In the NYC heat, many forget that their sweating a lot and that scent isn't cool. Always double up on antiperspirant!

Shorts- American Eagle Outfitters  Polo- American Eagle Outfitters  Sunglasses- Nordstrom Watch- Forever 21
Deodorant- Target

As for women, sundresses are so chic and I believe every girl can find one they look amazing in. Stilettos are making a major comeback and look so sleek compared to stacked platform pumps. Sunglasses are summertime essential, but when you find the perfect pair that fit your face, you’ll never go back. You have to dress simply in the heat, so a statement accessory can make any outfit. No matter what you wear, confidence is the only way to sell it.

Sundress- Modcloth Stilettos- Nordstrom Sunglasses- Forever 21 Earrings- Loren Hope 

There you have it! From McArthur's lips to your closet, make sure you have your top five items this summer, and you will end up with a season filled with chic and epic moments. When you think about it, isn't that what summer is all about? Unless you are from the movie Jaws. Then that's as tragic as Ugg boots paired with shorts when it's stifling outside. In that case, you are just asking for the shark to hate you. Can you blame him? It is a contradiction,  and not in a exciting way like skittles. 

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