Monday, September 10, 2012

White's a Wonder

Photo From the CW Television Show Gossip Girl

      Now that Labor Day had passed and supposedly summer is over, although it does not end until the 21st on the calendar, it leaves me with one question. Is it still okay to wear white? Most of us know and if you don't know you will now, the infamous rule...cough cough myth, that after Labor Day wearing white it a complete taboo. Personally, I love white and sometimes a little white dress can be as great as a black one. The dilemma is that I occasionally get the always welcoming comments like "OMG how can you wear white after Labor Day!" or my personal favorite, "Wait... you wore white? I didn't know we were allowed to wear white anymore" Allowed? Whoa now, I didn't know that wearing white after a holiday was illegal and I needed permission. If you want to wear white wear it all you want; whether you wear it to a party, a date, or heck while you are sleeping safe and sound in the comfort of your own bed, go for it! Fashion may have its trends that fade and come back a few years later and a few attire rules here and there, but beside that it is a creative outlet. Design trends and suggestions are made so that you as a person don’t just copy it exactly, but rather takes the idea, makes it your own, and adds a part of your personality to it. It's a versatile industry. With that said, if you want to wear white after Labor Day than all power to you!


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